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all sports cant be part of the Olympics because the host city will need bigger place and more stadiums and grounds to play all the sports. some sports are really long for ex: cricket these games are very long.

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Q: Why cant all sports be part of the Olympics?
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What new sports are in 2016 Olympics?

They will all take part in the stadium!! No new sports thi

Do all countries do all sports in the Olympics?

For all of the countries to do all the sports in the Olympics there has to be a certain amount of them in the team. However it is possible for a country to participate in all of the sports. Some of the countries this year only have a couple of players so no. All of the countries in the Olympics do not do all sports.

How do you become part of the Olympics?

all you need to do it go to you local sports center and train ell

Are women allowed to take part in modern Olympics?

Yes, of course. Many women from many countries take part in all sports.

Are all sports included in Olympics?

not ALL sports are in the Olympic Games

How many games are in the Olympic games?

There are 29 sports in the Summer Olympics (although only 26 sports will be at the 2012 Olympics). There are 15 sports in the Winter Olympics (all 15 were held at the 2010 Olympics).

What kind of Olympics does McDonald Bailey do?

McDonald Bailey does all kind of sports like running and other sports/Olympics......

What original summer sports represented in the 1896 Olympics are also part of modern day Olympics?

The 1896 Olympics had 43 events spanning 9 sports. Those 9 sports were: Swimming, Athletics, Cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics, Shooting, Tennis, Weighlifting and Wrestling - all of which are still being contested in the current Olympic schedule

Do all sports have rules in the Olympics?

Of course; they wouldn't be sports otherwise.

What are 2 sports in the Olympics that are not played anymore?

all of them

What are all sports in summer Olympics 2012?


How does ancient greek Olympics influence modern day sports?

The ancient Olympics influence the modern day Olympics because they are still in our lives. We wouldn't have all the sports we have today if it wasn't for the ancient times.

What are all the sports that have been held during all the Olympics?

Good boy

Is swimming part of the winter olympic games?

No, it is not in the winter Olympics, it is only in the summer Olympics. all the winter Olympic sports are to do with snow or ice mostly, ex. curling, hockey, skiing, luge, bobsled, figure-skating, exetra.

Are there any sports that women can t enter in the Olympics?

all of them.

The Olympics are the most important events in the sports?

Yes , cause the Olympics cover oneself with all sport in the world

Has Albania ever hosted the Olympics?

No Albania does not have the money to be able to build all the sports facilities to hold an Olympics.

Do Zimbabwe people take part in Olympics?

THEY DO TAKE PART IN THE OLYMPICS BUT NOT ALL OF THEM.A lot of them take part in baseball.

What is the age limit for badminton in the Olympics?

16 years old is the age limit for all sports in the Olympics which includes Badminton which is featured as a sport in the Olympics.

Name all sports featured in the Olympics?

archery,athletics,badminton,baseball,basketball beach volleyball,boxing,canoe/kayak flatwater,canoe/kayak slalom,cycling but there are many more that i cant find

Who was allowed to take part in the Olympics?

only men were allowed to take part in the Olympics and in case women snug into the Olympics they were all naked!

What sports are included in the Summer Olympics for girls?

All games can be for girls.

How did the winter Olympics begin?

By moving all the sports that seemed like winter sports from the summer games to the winter games

What sports will be in the 2016 Olympics?

They will have about the same sports they have know but they are adding golf and wake boarding and there will be more but I don't know all of them

Why do you think it is impossible to include all sports in the winter Olympics?

I think it's because that it has to be winter sport like skiing snowboarding etc and we all ready have an Olympics for most of the main sports anyway and you can't exactly have a running race on ice....