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McDonald Bailey does all kind of sports like running and other sports/Olympics......

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Q: What kind of Olympics does McDonald Bailey do?
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When was McDonald Bailey born?

McDonald Bailey was born in 1920.

What place does Donovan Bailey play in?

The Olympics

What was Donovan Bailey's best time in the 1996 Olympics?


100 meter dash record in 1950?

10.2 by Emmanuel McDonald Bailey

What is the McDonald's commercial song that plays at the Olympics?

Its called Odessey by The Wyld!

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McDonalds is my kind of place. It's such a happy place. A clean and snappy place. McDonalds is my kind of place!

Who won Australia's first winter Olympics gold medal?

julia mcdonald

Who is Marjorie Turner-Bailey?

A sprinter who represented Canada at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal

Who wins on x factor 2013?

its between Nicolas McDonald and Sam Bailey as they have never been in the bottom 2

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the first kind of castles were moat and bailey castles.

What kind of Olympics are there?

Winter Olympics , summer Olympics and Para Olympics .

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McDonald's salads include Caesar, Bacon and Ranch, and Southwest salads, as well as the side salad.

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How many canadians have won 100m sprint at the Olympics?

Only one Canadian, Donovan Bailey, has won the 100m sprint at the Olympics. Ben Johnson was the first to cross the finish line in the 100m sprint at the Seoul Olympics, but was later disqualified for steroid use.

What was donovan bailey's world record time in the 100 meters at the 1996 Olympics?

Bailey ran the 100 in 9.84 seconds, breaking the then existing world record of 9.85 seconds held by Leroy Burrell.

What were the names of the Greeks who started the Olympics?

The Olympics were started by Apollo,Apollo was the god of music wich is kind of weird why he started the Olympics

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