Why basketball is better then other sports?

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There is no proof of said opinion. There is also no way to prove it. Also, you have to be stupid to think Basketball is better than football.

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Q: Why basketball is better then other sports?
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Is basketball or music better?

To a musician, music would be better ... to one who plays sports, basketball would be be better. It all depends upon which one any individual likes over the other. Both basketball and music are equally liked.

What are the most competitive sports in the world?

football basketball and other sports

Why do people dislike basketball?

They prefer other sports.

Other than basketball what sports does Upward Sports offer?

Upward Sports is a non-for-profit organization in Spartanburg, South Carolina and they offer many other sports apart from basketball. These include flag football, soccer and cheerleading.

What sports do adults like to play?

Adults play football, basketball, and other sports.

What sports are Israelis good at?

Israelis excel in soccer, basketball, and many other sports.

What are the benefits for children when playing basketball and other sports?

Children who play sports such as basketball and other sports get a lot of benefit out of the time they play sports. They get exercise, learn a new sport, learn strategic planning, and learn the importance of teamwork.

What sports are played in Lebanon?

Basketball, football, volleyball, & rally mainly; and other minor sports.

Did Obama used to play sports?

Yes he did indeed. He played Basketball and many other sports.

What are the three main sports played in Guatemala?

-Soccer -Basketball and some what of any other sports

Comparison between hockey and basketball?

In both sports you are trying to score more goals/baskets than the other team. You also have five people out on the rink/court at one time. hockey is way better and basketball is an extremely wimpy sport But what really matters is what you think, if you like baksetball, then basketball is better, if you think hockey is better, then hockey is better.

Why is basketball rough?

Because it is a contact game. Unlike Swimming , Basketball, football and other sports like this are contact sports because you are aloud to tackle your opponent.

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