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Handball, Netball and Flip Dunk have aspects that are somewhat similar to Basketball.

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Q: What other sports does basketball relate too?
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What sports do Arabs play?

soccer mostly, basketball too but soccer is more popular

Why do Japanese people play Basketball?

Because they are people like everyone els, who like to have fun too. They want to play sports too. They need a hobbie and sports to play.

Does Harvard have sports?

Yes, Harvard has not only athletic sports but recreational sports too. Some sports might include Basketball, Football, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Golf, Waterpolo, and Lacrosse.

What are some sports they played in Brazil?

Soccer, swimming, basketball, vollyball, Formula 1 (also other kind of car competitions), atletism, handball and many others too... but these ones are the main sports practiced in Brazil

What sports do they play in Ontario?

Hockey and lacrosse. They also play other sports too.

How is algebra used in sports?

i think,algebra is used in sports........Like in basketball to keep time,and too keep the shots......In volleyball,to keep track to keep the times??????

Why is basketball not as popular in Ireland as other places?

Basketball does have a strong following in many parts of Ireland. Each country has national sports and in Ireland's case they would be Gaelic Football and Hurling. They dominate everywhere in Ireland. Rugby, soccer, golf and horse racing would be big sports in Ireland too. So there are many more popular sports that Irish people would have an interest in. All of those sports and others are long established in Ireland, so newer sports like basketball don't have the same popularity. Even today, many players with big basketball teams in Ireland are not themselves from Ireland.

What were popular sports in the 1950s?

Mate... Baseball and Basketball were very popular back in the 50's! Haha, because I'm an old fart. Also basketball was pretty popular too.

Who tried out the most sports?

probably Michael Jordan because he was the best basketball player ever.............. and he played baseball and he was pretty good at that too.

What other sports do they play besides soccer in Mexico?

They play baseball too

Do girls prefer basketball or football?

personally i prefer basketball. i like the atmosphere of the game better, in football there is too much stopping and starting again, i feel like basketball is more exciting. i also have noticed that im usually attracted to guys who play basketball over guys who play other sports. however, i know a lot of girls who like football so it really depends on the girl.

What kind of sports are there in an outdoor sport complex?

Usually there are football/soccer fields and/or baseball fields at a complex. At times there are outdoor basketball courts too.

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