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Children who play sports such as Basketball and other sports get a lot of benefit out of the time they play sports. They get exercise, learn a new sport, learn strategic planning, and learn the importance of teamwork.

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Q: What are the benefits for children when playing basketball and other sports?
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What are the mental benefits of playing basketball?

Playing basketball can be good for your physical and mental health. Sports like basketball can increase your concentration, focus, and mental strength.

What is Jackie Robinson Hobbies?

playing sports, such as Baseball and Basketball, or hockey

What is benefits of playing sports?

we become healthy and it is fun as well.

What are the good and bad benefits of playing sports?

U can get the girls

Do I need sports insurance when I am playing basketball at the pro level?

I would suggest having insurance if you are playing professional basketball. Here's a site that will help you find the best insurance for you.

What are some good fitness sports for young children?

There are many good fitness sports available in every community. Many children enjoy playing in team sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball or softball. These types of sports can be played at any age or fitness level. Other children may prefer playing certain sports alone or in small groups or classes. Figure skating, gymnastics, swimming/diving, or track and field would be great activities for children that like to do things by themselves.

What are the benefits on being a women basketball player?

Participating in sports has a lot of benefits for people, no matter their gender. They allow one to exercise their muscles regularly, and sports like basketball even instill a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among the team members.

What are some of the benefits of playing sports?

yes,in track you compete in sports just as you compete in other sports like football

What are the health benefits for playing ice-hockey?

sports is good for our health

Does playing a lot of sports help or not help a person grow?

it does help if you play sports you get taller especially basketball

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The only sports that I know of him playing is football and basketball im not sure if he currently plays it but he did

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