Why are there some sports without professionals?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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The simple answer is Money. If there was a demand for a professional sports league it would be available.

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Q: Why are there some sports without professionals?
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What is the abbreviation for professionals in sports?


What sports do you need professionals for?

every single one

How to become a sports agent without a background or degree in sports management?

In order to become a sports agent without a degree in sports managment you would have to have some sort of in with a company. Most companies require a degree.

Are there sports without professional leagues?

Lots of sports are amateur and so have no professionals playing. They still have competitions, including leagues. Gaelic Football and Hurling, Ireland's two national sports have leagues. They are amateur sports, run by the largest amateur sporting organisation in the world. So their leagues are amateur, not professional.

How are sports funded?

The Australian Banker Professionals (ABP) provide all professional sports leagues with the money necessary for all.

What sports can I safely play without trigger asthma?

There are several sports that can be played without triggering your asthma. I would start by doing some indoor sports. Bowling would be a great sport for someone with asthma.

Do quarterbacks wear cups?

Boys and men in most sports, even professionals sports, wear protective cups. It's just common sense.

Which olympic sports allow professionals?

there are three hockey is in the Winter and basketball and soccer/football are in the Summer

What are some sports for an aggressive girl?

soccer... high contact without the pads... that's me girl!

Why is racing the only sport where you can be both a rookie and pro at the same time?

All athletes in major professional American sports (football, basketball, hockey, baseball, NASCAR) are considered professionals (or, pros). Professionals who are in their first full year of competition are considered "rookies". Hence, you can't be a rookie without being a professional.

What are facts about sports?

there isn't a single country without sports.

How many people involved playing sports?

At last count there were 976,312 professionals with almost double that in amatuers