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There are several sports that can be played without triggering your Asthma. I would start by doing some indoor sports. Bowling would be a great sport for someone with asthma.

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Why is asthma associated with sports?

It is called sports induced asthma I was Diagnosed with asthma but do not have asthma, when I run instead of opening, my lungs close and it feels like I am breathing through a straw.

How does asthma effect your life?

i have asthma and it effects my life a lot : IE i cant run i cant do sports because i have an asthma attack

How do you know if you have sports asthma or if its just weight related?

I have sports enduced and have a healthy weight

How can I treat sports induced asthma?

Yes running can bring on sports induced asthma. This is caused by the heart pumping blood faster therefore needing more oxygen. With your lungs working much harder they now are strained. You can cut back on your sports minutes or see a physician about an inhaler for the asthma.

Can asthma stop you from playing sports?

yes you can just have your inhaler with you

How does asthma affect sports performance?

If you have asthma, you will be constantly coughing and you wont be able to run. In every sport you need to run.

Should kids with asthma be able to play sports?

Yes i know plenty of kids who play sports with

Who does asthma affect you when you play sports?

Asthma effects you when you play sports because the Bronchi is very sensitive and can cause irritating in the lungs, this causes loss of breath and maybe vomiting which will effect how long you can last in sports before your too out of breath.

Can an inhaler benefit your sports performance if you don't have asthma?

No, inhalers are meant to aid your breathing/coughing when you have asthma. They will not assist you at playing a sport.

Can you still play sports if you have asthma?

Depends on how bad your asthma is, and if you can afford medication or not. But yeah, plenty of athletes do have some form of asthma and are still able to compete. Consult your doctor for your situation.

Why asthma and other illnesses are associated with sport?

Asthma is a respiratory condition which causes your airways to swell and constrict, making it difficult or impossible to breath. It is triggered by allergies or physical activity (i.e. sports) so it makes us with asthma unable to play sports as easily as others

How is asthma common in sports?

Some people have exercise-induced asthma, which is asthma that happens when you are exercising. Asthma is when you start nwheezing and coughing, and you can't breathe. Most people who have asthma will get an asthma pump, a tool used to help you breathe better. If you exercise vigorously, you may run out of breath, and asthmatic people have the tendency to start wheezing and have an asthma attack.

How does asthma effect sports peformance?

you start to wheeze and you cough. it can be dangerous if you push it

What are the risk factors of asthma and playing sports?

the risk factors of asthma when playing sport are mainly that you could pass out or have a severe asthma attack. my advice is to have your ventalation or puffa with you at all times when you are playing sport.

What are good sites to learn about sports induced asthma treatments?

What are good and great sites that i can go on to learn about great sports induced asthma treatments? because i want to learn more and become smarter for myself and my family.

How do you check sports facilities safely?

be safe and follow the rules

How can people with asthma play sports?

Usually how most people can apart from they use Ventolin (a blue inhaler) before to stop an asthma attack/flare up

What are the social determinants for asthma?

Unable to participate in sports, may feel "left out" or "different"

Is there a scholarship for playing sports with asthma?

yes, if your good at it. Plus you can get a scholarship for just about anything.

What is the best sport or exercise for people with asthma?

swim,walk,yoga or team sports

What are the predisposing risk factors for Asthma?

diet level of involvement in sports exposure to parasites

Is asthma a type of allergic reaction?

Asthma can be, like if you eat nuts when you're allergic you may have asthma. Asthma can also be caused be exertion, or playing sports, weather/climate, like humidity, or cold weather, and sometimes even sickness, like a cold or even fevers.

What can you do with a bachelor's degree in Sports and Exercise Science?

Play sports safely, and teach proper techniques to little children.

What can trigger negative behavior spectator aggression in sports?

Culture, and a**hole fans in general.

What sports trigger heart attacks?

Sports themselves do not trigger heart attacks. If anything, regularly participating in sports could prevent heart attacks. However, if you are going to have a heart attack, any activity that raises your pulse rate and strain on the heart may trigger it. Check with your doctor to see which activities your heart is strong enough for. If you think you are about to have a heart attack, stop activity and get help right away.