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The highest and lowest scores in a gymnastics competition are thrown out so that the average scores are what is counted across the board. This both helps and harms the gymnast if they have an extreme score either way.

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To eliminate possible bias

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Q: Why are the highest and lowest judges scores disregarded in tallying the total score in a gymnastics competetion?
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What was Shawn Johnson's highest score ever in gymnastics?

a 10.00

How many points do you get for scoring a perfect vault in gymnastics?

10 is the highest you can get

How is the winner decided in gymnastics?

The person who gets the highest score (usually out of 10) wins.

What level of gymnastics is Shawn Johnson in?

She is an senior international elite. International Elite is the highest level.

What are is the highest levels in gymnastics and lowest?

The lowest level is Level One. Th highest Level is elite but two levels come befor elite

What sports do you have to be flexible in?

Most sports require flexibility. In baseball, the pitcher needs to have a flexible shoulder in order to pitch without injuring himself. One also needs flexibility for ice skating, gymnastics and dance.

Pyramid building in gymnastics?

Pyramid-Building activities are part of gymnastic that provide a use for many skills and abilities learned in stunts and other forms of expenses.There are two types of pyramid:TRUE PYRAMID .................. the center is the highest point.MODIFIED PYRAMID .......... the sides have the highest points.

What is Romania well known for?

One name all knows as Romanian brand in Sport and Olympics: Nadia Comanici, gymnast with highest number of medals in one sport in Olympics from Romania(gymnastics)

What is the object of gymnastics?

In gymnastics your objective is to get the highest mark when your competing. You must have straight legs, pointed toes, elegance, power and you can't fix your suit or hair during your routines or you'll get deductions. I LOVE GYMNASTICS!!

What are the phases of gymnastics.?

if by phases you meant events this is what i know. Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel bars, and Horizontal Bar and balance beam. There might be more if this is what you are talking aboutIf this question is asking about the 6 phases of the Gymnastics Program, here they are: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel bars, and Horizontal Bar.It really depends on how you are when you start where you begin. The earliest level in Tots (toddlers) Classes. Then you move on to Kinder Classes, both of which where you just learn very basics. Basic levels introduce early skills and techniques. After that is J.O levels, which you begin learning routines. With each J.O level you advance to more and more difficult skills and begin competing by J.O level 4 or so. Elite is the highest level and it is the level from which they choose Olympians from.

Gymnastics high scores?

Depending on what level you are competting in determines the highest possible scores. For all levels in womans gymnastics except Elite the highest score is 10.0 For Elites there is no highest score you get "bonuses" for skills. A high score for Elite is 14.0-16.0 depending on the meet.

What is the highest you in gymnastics as an Olympian?

There is not a limit. Each gymnast starts with a value made up of all the different skills they will do in the routine. This is called their START VALUE. Typically, a good routine will score between 14.7 through 15.8, a great score will be 16.0 - 16.9, and an excellent score would be a 17.0 and up.