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because it helps them win and they earn more respect and it helps them get better

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It is an instant HR, RBI, run scored for the record, and a show of strength and if possible, a game winner.

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Q: Why are home runs important to baseball players?
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How many baseball players hit over 50 home runs in 2008?

Nobody did

What players have 50 home runs and 50 doubles in a single season in baseball?

Albert belle

How many different players have hit grand slam home runs in major league baseball?


Baseball players with 100 steals and 100 home runs in both leagues?

Mike Cameron is one of them

Who are the baseball players who have 3000 hits but not more than 50 home runs?

There's only one in MLB and that was Eddie Collins who had 3315 base hits and 47 home runs.

How many major league baseball players with Italian surnames have hit 40 or more home runs in one season?


What is Major League Baseball sluggers?

In baseball, a slugger is someone who hits lots of home runs. These people usually have lower batting averages than other players, but much higher home run statistics.

Who was the sports hero in 1999?

Mark McGwire And Samy Sosa..... They were famous baseball players... They made the most home runs in 1 season :)

What is the name of a contest where baseball players try to hit as many home runs as they can?

Its called the Home Run Derby and is played in July the day before the All Star game.

How many players have hit 500 or more home runs?

25 players

What do AVR HR RBI and OBP mean in baseball stats?

AVR is usually termed as AVG which stands for the players batting average. HR is the amount of home runs. RBI represents runs batted in. OBP shows a players on base percentage

How many major league baseball players have hit more than 3 home runs in a single game this season?