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Albert belle

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Q: What players have 50 home runs and 50 doubles in a single season in baseball?
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How many NCAA Division I men's basketball players have recorded multiple triple-doubles in a single season?


Single season most doubles?

Earl Webb holds the record for most doubles hit in a single season with 67, set in 1931.

How many major league baseball players have hit more than 3 home runs in a single game this season?


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What baseball players hit 70 home runs in a single season prior to 2002?

Barry Bonds hit 73 in 2001 and Mark McGwire hit 70 in 1998.

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Wilt Chamberlain

Who holds the Nationals-Expos franchise record for doubles in a single season?

the army

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University of miami

Who are Famous baseball players from Colombia?

Colombians don't even play baseball. You won't find a single baseball field in Colombia. Out side there are I think 2 Colombian players in the MLB

What is the value of a Roberto clemente baseball that is NOT a single signed ball?

If the baseball is "multi-signed", and not "single signed" you would have to name the other players that signed the baseball to get an approximate value.