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Q: How many different players have hit grand slam home runs in major league baseball?
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What famous baseball players wore number 33?

There were many famous players who are legends of major league baseball. First of Nick joynson had hit 3 grand slams with your mother.

Which players have won league medals in England Italy and Spain?

my grand daddy

Who has made the most grandslam?

Lou Gehrig holds the Major League Baseball (MLB) record for career Grand Slams with 23; however, as of 2012, two (2) active players, Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez have recorded 22 and 21 career Grand Slams, respectively.

What major league baseball players have hit for the cycle in both the American and national league?

I have not been able to find the number of players that have done that but I would guess it has occurred many times. I was able to find out the only pitcher to have hit a grand slam in both leagues. Schoolboy Rowe hit one for the Detroit Tigers in 1939 and for the Philadelphia Philles in 1943. There have been two players in MLB history that have hit a grand slam in both leagues in the same season. In 1996, Greg Vaughn hit one for the Milwaukee Brewers, who were still in the American League, and for the San Diego Padres. And in 2000, Will Clark hit grand slams for the Baltimore Orioles and the St. Louis Cardinals.

Who founded the national baseball league?

Carl Stotz, a businessman in Willilamsport, Pa, in l938, competitive league play did not commence until the following year- l939 but the League was drawn up- and presumably copyrighted, etc in l938. Williamsport is still the (capital ) of Little League -world series, etc.

When was the major league baseball formed?

The formation of major leagues began in New York City on February 6 1876. The exact location was in the Grand Central Hotel. The executives came from various cities. They called this group of teams the National League. League play began in April of 1876. The teams in the league were the following: The Boston Red Caps. The Chicago White Stockings The Cincinnati Red Stockings The Hartford Dark Blues The Louisville Grays The New York Mutuals The Philadelphia Athletics The Saint Louis Brown Stockings Only the Chicago Team renamed to the Cubs in 1901 has played continuously from 1876 to the present time.

Who is the only major league baseball player to hit a grand slam in the all star game?

Fred Lynn in Comisky park in Chicago

What was the venue of the 2012 Super League Grand Final?

The venue of the 2012 Super League Grand Final was Stade de France.

What is the defrence between grand slam and ATP?

A Grand Slam is a tournament of the ranked players and it spans across different continents. There are 4 Grand Slams in a year. The ATP is the Association of Tennis Professionals.

Who hit the most grand slam home runs in a season?

Lou Gehrig hit 23 career grand slam home runs, the most by any player in Major League Baseball history.

What was the venue of the 2012 National Rugby League Grand Final?

The venue of the 2012 National Rugby League Grand Final was Sydney's ANZ Stadium.

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