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Many areas developed Martial Arts. In Europe with the invention of the gun, the martial arts focused on the use of weapons. The unarmed martial arts continued in the form of sports such as Wrestling and boxing. The French developed Savant along the seacoast.

Much of Asia did not use firearms like muskets until 1800's. This allowed for the martial arts of Asia to survive as true fighting forms

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Q: Why and how did the orient develop martial arts yet no one else did?
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Why do Asian people study martial arts?

The same reason everyone else studies martial arts. To learn the skills necessary to fight in combat.

What do Chinese use martial arts for?

Same thing everyone else uses them for. Martial arts are used to learn how to protect ones' self, keep healthy and to compete.

What type of martial arts do Japanese study?

I think the Japanese are no different than anyone else. They train in a wide variety of martial arts. From Wikipedia we have - Japanese martial arts refers to the enormous variety of Martial Arts native to Japan. At least three Japanese terms are often used interchangeably with the English phrase "Japanese martial arts": , literally meaning "martial way."However, there are martial arts with other origins such as one of the largest Krav Maga training sites in the world. Sometimes a local will want to do something no one else is doing because somehow it seems more mysterious and everyone else isn't doing it. The other factor is where do the instructors come from. If a particular art has a lot of students, there will eventually be more instructors and sites where people can train.

What year did martial arts start?

Martial arts began the first time someone hit someone else. As they fought and remembered what worked, they told others in their clan or tribe so they could be more effective as well.

Why do martial arts come from Asia and not from anywhere else?

Most cultures, including European, African and Native American cultures, have their own martial arts and hand-to-hand combat styles, which have developed for use in war or leisure practice/exericise. Fencing, boxing, savate (a French kickboxing style) and wrestling are examples of western martial arts.

When did the martial arts start?

The first time someone shared a technique or method of fighting with someone else.

Where was martial arts created?

Martial arts began all over the world. Any place that man had conflict, they learned how to fight. The beginning would have been the first time someone hit someone else. From there it evolved throughout the world.

Are there gentle martial arts?

There are martial arts that are referrd to as "soft" styles. These are more gentle then other "hard" style martial arts. However, when compared to just about anything else that is not a martial art, even Tai Chi is not very gentle when used on a person. As a side note, Judo and Jujitsu (the name sake for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) is translated into English as "The Way of Softness" or "The Gentle Way."

How did Asian Americans teach us martial arts?

The same way they taught everyone else. Patience and a lot of practice.

What is the difference between Chinese and other martial arts?

Basically, they began in China rather than somewhere else. Elements of the Chinese arts influenced the other arts, such as karate. While there are some Chinese arts that are considered internal or soft arts, they have counterparts in other cultures.

Will martial arts work in a fight?

Maybe. No amount of martial arts training will do any good against a bullet, but someone who's agile enough might be able to dodge (not that it's possible to actually dodge a bullet, but you could dodge enough to throw off the aim of the person shooting it). Against someone else using "martial arts", or just punching or grappling, it's viable.

Who was the founder of martial arts?

There really is not a good answer to this question. Regardless of what anyone else says there are many different martial arts and they do not originate from the same art or even place. There is a Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma who is generally credited with the founding of kung fu. He taught a group of monks a group of exercises to help them to get into shape so that they could meditate for longer and defend themselves. It is believed that most Asian martial arts have some connection to kung fu, so much so that it is commonly referred to as "the Grandfather of martial arts". Now the reason I say there is no good answer to this question is that not all martial arts are descendants of kung fu and a few predate it so Bodhidharma is the best answer i can give you on this but there is no absolute answer to your question.

Who is the first person that use martial art?

The first individual that hit someone else was practicing a martial art. Over time they learned what the best way and place to hit someone. This was passed down over time and became the martial arts we know today.

Who invented martial arts?

Martial arts evolved with mankind. The first time someone hit someone else, the martial arts began. Over time they have developed as a way to record the most effective techniques, the best place to hit someone, or the most effective way to use a weapon. Most cultures have developed martial arts of some form or another. These arts are based on their weapons, cultural beliefs and climates. There are many arguments as to where the study of martial arts came from. Some would say the Japanese; others are stern in their belief that the Chinese brought martial arts to its popularity and so forth. Although there are minimal sources as to who started the study, legend has it that the Chinese martial arts originated with an Indian Prince who brought his skills to the Buddhist temples in China. From there it spread throughout China and to Japan and Okinawa, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand and Southeast Asia. The first conflict between two men was the beginning of martial arts. A man must have, for some reason - probably out of jealousy, taken a tool used for hunting animals and used it against his fellow man. Information on what techniques worked were passed down from generation to generation. Since then the science and art has been in development.

Do you need to warn people about your martial arts ability?

No. But if you hit someone you can be subjected to criminal prosecution just like anyone else that hits someone.

Can you fight Jackie Chan?

Well if you're armed to the teeth and you dont know marchal arts then you can but if you know martial arts or something else like karate then i dubt you could win but at least you tried=D

How many countries have traditional martial arts?

Almost all cultures have martial arts of one form or another that can trace their history back centuries. The definition of 'tradition martial art' may need to be narrowed. Any training that is aimed at combat, whether it is the use of a gun, sword, bow, spear, or any other weapon is a martial art.ChinaJapanOkinawaKoreaThailandCambodiaVietnamMalaysiaPhilippinesGreeceFranceThe European countries that created their own martial arts were,Italy,Germany,Scotland,Ancient Greece,Spain,Scandinavia,Ancient Britain, (the Celts).In Ancient times the Celts, Brittanians and Gauls used the Ancient British martial arts, (Celtic martial arts), most everyone else in Britain used the Greek martial arts. In the Middieval times Italy and Germany had the most widely used martial arts in Europe, (Italian was the most common), during this period in Scandinavia the Vikings used "Viking Martial Arts". During the Renaissance most countries chose between the Spanish, German or Italian martial arts, (again, Italian being the most common), during the Renaissance, many countries, (such as France and Switzerland), used the Italian style of martial arts but modified it to meet their standards and called it "French" when really it was just the Italian martial arts, just with the spear, sword or axe raised higher in the standard guard with other minor changes. Scottish martial arts were used mainly in Britain, but some in Brittani.

What was the first martial art and when was it invented?

Martial arts began the first time someone hit someone else. Ever since then man has worked to find more efficient ways of winning fights with others. Over time they shared what they learned and passed on the ideas to those that came behind them. It would be virtually impossible to determine what the first 'martial art' was and the time frame, but probably the first time two humans fought each other would be the date.More informationOf the martial arts most known today, the Asian martial arts are said to have started, as a compiled discipline, in India, from where they were carried to China, Japan, Korea and other parts of Asia. However, there are also influences of Polynesian martial arts in the Far East martial arts of today, as well as local influences from continental China, the Ryukyu islands and the Jomon people among others.There are claims that European martial arts resulted from those practiced by Celtic tribes and Indo-european tribes. In Africa and the Middle East, many martial disciplines were developed by Arabian tribes, and in the Americas many native tribes had their own martial arts, transmitted through generations.

Is Went- worth miller married to Sarah Wayne Callies?

Sarah Wayne Callies is actually married to someone else. His name is Josh and he teaches martial arts.

Why is it inaccurate to call karate a martial art?

It is perfectly accurate to call Karate a Martial Art.Martial arts are defined as the skills used in combat and warfare. While most people think of it as the unarmed skills that are rooted in Asia, they actually include all aspects of armed and un-armed combat regardless of their origins. A sharpshooter with a rifle is practicing a martial art just as a black belt in karate is.Some schools combine karate, which translates as Empty Hand, with kobudo, which deals with the traditional weapons of Okinawa. Because they feel that martial arts should never involve weapons, they want to say karate is not a martial art.Still, there are some people that they will teach you martial art, which is nothing else but a pure mixture of different fighting styles. They have tried to change the definition of martial arts and trying to make people think that karate and other such styles are not part of martial arts. This is just another annoying marketing technique.There is a school of thought that believes that many styles of karate have been turned into sports, eliminating their use in actual combat. In some school, the focus is on competition and winning matches and trophies. Some of these have moved away from true martial arts and are more interested in promoting the sports aspect.

What will be the best supplies for my kids kung fu part?

You can find a lot of martial-arts-themed party supplies by CelebrateExpress, including cups, plates, balloons, and anything else you might want within reason.

Can you get a black belt in Tae Bo?

Tae Bo is a type of aerobic exercise that builds muscle tone and stamina. It is not a martial art, just based on martial arts. They don't rank people. It would be like asking if you can get a black belt in step aerobics.

Why are you learning martial arts?

Lots of people have there reason's. Wanting to protect themselves or someone else. Wanting to learn to "fight". Just for fun, but i personally started just because the first fight i was in i lost and i wanted to be stronger.

Have japan got different sports then us?

Japan have their own cultural sports, martial arts/sumo wrestling but generally no, they play soccer and basket ball and wrestling and many other sports just like everyone else

How do martial artists chop wood?

With an axe and a chainsaw like anyone else.