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2000 - Manchester United

2001 - Manchester United

2002 - Arsenal

2003 - Manchester United

2004 - Arsenal

2005 - Chelsea

2006 - Chelsea

2007 - Manchester United

2008 - Manchester United

2009 - Manchester United

2010 - Chelsea/Manchester United

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Q: Who won the English Premiership the last 10 years?
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Which football player has won the English premiership won the English championship been relegated from the English premiership but is still playing in the premiership now?

No One. Blackburn, Man United, Aresnal & Chelsea Have Won The Premiership And They Have Never Been Relegated That's not an answer, and Blackburn have been relegated

Which footballer has won English premiership scottish premiership la liga?


Which teams have won the premiership over the last 20 years?

Since the Premiership has been formed in the 1992/3 season, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Blackburn Rovers have won it.

When was carlton's last premiership won?


Who else has won the premiership?

Only 4 clubs have won the English Premiership: Manchester United. Blackburn. Arsenal. Chelsea.

Which football player has won the English premiership uefa champions league uefa cup and has also been relegated from the English premiership and is currently playing in the English premiership?


Who won the 1999 English premiership?

Manchester United

How many times have Manchester city won the premiership?

Manchester City have never won the premiership.They last won the English League in 1968 when it was named the First Division.

Who was the last English manager to win the Premiership?

No English manager has ever won the Premiership since its inception. The last English manager to win the old Division 1 (The Premiership's predecessor) was Howard Wilkinson with Leeds Utd in 1991/2. Thankfully, Leeds are now in their rightful place in the third tier of English football where they lock horns with the likes of Cheltenham and Yeovil.

What England managers have won the Premier League?

No English manager has won the Premiership

Did the Melbourne renegades win a premiership?

Well It depends not last year but they have won a miner premiership

When was the last time Richmond won a premiership?

1980 Richmond won on in 2017

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