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Andre kanchelskis

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Q: Which footballer has won the English Premiership Scottish premiership UEFA Champions league and the UEFA Cup?
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Which footballer has won English premiership scottish premiership la liga?


Who is the premiership footballer in injunction scandal?


When was Scottish Premiership created?

Scottish Premiership was created in 1973.

When was Scottish Premiership Division Two created?

Scottish Premiership Division Two was created in 1973.

When was Scottish Premiership Division Three created?

Scottish Premiership Division Three was created in 1973.

When was Scottish Premiership Division One created?

Scottish Premiership Division One was created in 1973.

How many scottish premiership teams can qualify for champions league football?

I think the champions are automatic, runners up via the qualifiers

Who has won the uefa cup world cup champions league premiership scottish league and FA cup?


How many and who. Title winning players from 1993 to current date have played for the English premiership champions and the Scottish premier champions?

chris sutton, Jiří Jarošík, henrick larsson

Which player has won 3 champions leagues and 1 fa cup?

giovanni van brockhurst, scottish league with Rangers, Premiership with Arsenal and Champions league with Barcelona. Steven. Glasgow.

Scottish players who have won english premiership?

Darren Fletcher

Which scottish player has made the most appearances in the premiership?

Gary McAllister