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Manchester United won the Premiership in 2009.

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Q: Who won the last premier league in 09?
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Who won the barclays premier league 09-10?


The English Premier football club that won 2008-09 Premier League?

Manchester united

How many times has chelsae fc won the premier league?

3 times- 04/05, 05/06 and 09/10. Though they won the English League, before the Premier League was formed, in 54/55.

Who has won the premier league been relegated from the premier league and has scored in the world cup?

Damien Duff .... Won the Premier League with Chelsea 2004/05 Relagated with Newcastle United 2008/09 and scored in 2002 World Cup against Saudi Arabia

When was Dance Premier League created?

Dance Premier League was created on 2009-10-09.

How many times have chelsea won the english premier league?

Chelsea Football Club has won the English Premier League three times ('04-'05, '05-'06, and '09-'10). Also, Chelsea won the first divison league cup in the 1954-1955 season, which was the top tier of English football before the creation of the English Premier League in 1992.

How many Barclay's premier leagues have Chelsea won?

2 since premier league was formed. 04/05 and 05/06. (hopefully 3, 09/10!)

When did Premier League All Stars end?

Premier League All Stars ended on 2007-09-30.

When was Premier League All Stars created?

Premier League All Stars was created on 2007-09-23.

What place did Man U finish in 0607 in the Premier League?

United won that season... They won 3 titles in a row 06/07 - 08/09

How many times has ronaldo won the premier league with manutd?

3 times (2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09)

Is the fa premier league on fifa 09 on psp?


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