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Q: Which footballer has won English premiership scottish premiership la liga?
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How many players have won La Liga and the scottish premiership?

one, Steve archibald

When was Liga I Foreign Footballer of the Year created?

Liga I Foreign Footballer of the Year was created in 2008.

What footballers have played in the English Premiership La Liga Serie A and The Bundesliga?

Stefan Schwarz George Popescu

All the best players on fifa 10?

C.Ronaldo real Madrid la liga surprise talents L. Messi Barcelona la liga M.Richards man city premiership W.Rooney man u premiership B.A Ekotto spurspremiership F.Torres Liverpool premiership S.Bassong spurs premiership F.Ribrey french leaguepremiership S.Ireland man city premiership Kaka real Madrid la liga S.Nasri arsenal premiership D.Drogba Chelsea premiership K.Bemzina real Madrid la liga S.Gerrard Liverpool premiership F.Lampard Chelsea premiership

Who is the richest footballer in spanish la liga?

Leo Messi. He is also the richest Footballer in the world

Who is the highest paid footballer in la liga?

Christiano Ronaldo

What players have won the Premiership and La Liga?

beckham anelka? unsure of others.

Which player has won the world cup la liga English fa cup premiership and world club championship?

It is Theirry Henry , with France, Arsenal and Barcelona.

Players who have won la liga the champions league the fa cup and the premiership?

David Beckham

What is the Romanian 'Liga Profesionistă de Footbal' in English?

Professional Football League is an English equivalent of 'Liga Profesionistă de Footbal'.

Which footballers have played in premiership and in la liga in Spain?

They are Henry, Campos, Goodinseen, Hiero, Arteta,Alonso, Fabregas.Steve Mac Manan.

Is la liga spanish?

The term la liga is a Spanish term. It translates in the English language to the word league or the league.

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