What is long form icc?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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the name of the icc was changed from the imperial cricket conference to the international cricket conference.

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Q: What is long form icc?
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What is full form of icc?

International Cricket Council ICC Watch World Cup 2011

What is the icc full form?

international cricket cup

What was the old full form of ICC?

Imperial Cricket Conference.

Who would be this year's ICC world cup champion?

India would be this year's champion.India is in excellent form.

Who is the chairman of the ICC?


Who is the ICC?

The ICC I know stands for International Criminal Court.

Who is the president of ICC?

Sharad Pawar is the president of ICC. Mustafa Kamal is the president of ICC.He is the president of ICC from 2014 to the year 2016.

What is CIC in Roman numerals?

It is an invalid arrangment of Roman numerals when in the form of CIC but ICC would represent 199

Who won icc WC 2011?

India won icc WC 2011.

Which ICC cricket team is the worst?

Kenya is the worst team in ICC cricket

Who was named by ICC as captain of the ICC Test team of the year 2011?

M.S dhoni

What is virat kohli's ranking in ICC?

Virat Kohli's batting ranking in ICC is 4.