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Q: Who won the ICC Cricket champions trophy 2009?
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Who won icc cricket trophy in 2004?

icc champions trophy 2004 was won by the west indies .

What are the 2 main events for cricket?

I think they are the ICC Cricket World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy

Which channel will brodcast icc champions trophy live telecast in India?

Star Cricket and ESPN will telecast in IndiaMore on ICC Champions Trophy Cricket LIVE coverage at

Who won the ICC champions trophy 2009?


When did the Pakistan national cricket team win the ICC Champions Trophy?

Pakistan team has never won the ICC Champion's Trophy.

What sport do you need to play to win the ICC Champions Trophy?

The ICC or International Cricket Councel hosts a One Day International cricket tournament every two years. It was originally known as the ICC Knock Out Tournament, but became known as the ICC Champions Trophy from 2002.

Who won the icc champions trophy in 2013?

India won the icc champions trophy in 2013.

Where was the 2004 ICC Champions Trophy held?

The 2004 ICC Champions Trophy was held in England.

Where is the next ICC champions trophy 2013?

ICC champions trophy was held in England and Wales in 2013.

Where was the 2004 edition of the ICC champions trophy held?

The 2004 ICC Champions Trophy was held in England.

Some information on cricket tournament 2001 to 2009?

major international tournaments include the ICC world cup,champions trophy the new format T20 cricket and the series between the various contry bilateral and triangular and also the Asia Cups etc and in the club cricket the introduction of the IPl in the year 2007 and the champions trophy

Who won ICC Champions Trophy 2013?


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