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No one knows who will win. It depends on the teams. Michigan could win or Michigan State could win? No one knows.

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โˆ™ 2011-10-14 14:50:04
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Q: Who will win 2011 Michigan Michigan state game?
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Who has won more bowl game Michigan or Ohio State?

Technically Ohio State has 20 bowl wins to Michigan's 19. However, due to NCAA violations Ohio State had to vacate their 2011 Sugar Bowl win so that puts them both at 19.

Who had more national basketball championships Michigan or Michigan State what years did they win it?

Michigan has never won, they have only made it to the natinal championship game. Michigan State won in 1979 and 2000

Who won in the Michigan versus Ohio state game in 2008?

They didnt play yet but i have a feeling Michigan will win

Who will win the 2011 big ten championship?

The Wisconsin Badgers won the 2011 Big Ten Championship over the Michigan State Spartans.

Will Louisville win or will Michigan State win NCAA basketball?

Michigan State. They are better in every category. And they are ranked 9th in the country.

What were the Presidential election results in Michigan did Barack Obama win Michigan?

Yes, Barack Obama did win the state of Michigan.

What team ended Michigan State's 28 game winning streak from 1950 to 1953?

Purdue.Purdue defeated Michigan State, 6-0, on October 24, 1953 in West Lafayette to end the 28 game win streak.

Who would win if the played in college basketball. Michigan State or Iowa State?

Probably Michigan state

Michigan state beat or lost to penn state?

Since 1993, Penn State and Michigan State play annually for the Land Grant Trophy. With Penn State's 42-14 win in 2009, Penn State has a 13-4 record against Michigan State in this rivalry. Michigan State's last win was in 2007.

What is thad matta's record against Michigan?

Following OSU's win over Michigan on February 3, 2011 in Columbus, Thad Matta is now 13-2 against Michigan during his tenure at Ohio State.

What is the longest win streak for Michigan state football versus Michigan?


Did University of Michigan Wolverines win yesterday's football game?


Who will win in collage basketball Michigan state or Syracuse?

The opinion to this will vary from person to person. I guess it is better to enjoy the game and wait for the results.

What is win-loss record for Michigan vs Michigan State football?

Michigan leads 67-29-5

Current win streak for Ohio state over Michigan?

Ohio State last lost to Michigan in 2003 by a score of 35-21, which puts their current win streak at 5 games.

What is win-loss record for Michigan State vs Ohio State football games?

As of the 2008 season, Ohio State leads the all time series against Michigan State 26-12. uhhh for having such a high rating - i thought you'd do a little research. is the number you were looking for. even though most of michigan's wins were prior to 1950, does not mean that you delete that data from history because you like OSU (and you're inbred) GO BLUE GO BLUE GO BLUE Well, Go Blue is a trumpeting call for Michigan. Unfortunately for you, the question is asking about the Michigan State Spartans and not the Michigan Wolverines. After the win today, 2011, the series is 27 wins for Ohio State and 13 wins for Michigan State. From a Michigan fan I'd have hoped for better reading comprehension.

What is the win-loss record for Michigan state vs Michigan football?

67-28-5 UofM

What is Michigan all time win-loss record vs Michigan state?

Michigan leads 67-29-5, at least in football.

Who are the only division one teams to win multiple national titles in basketball and football?

Maryland, Michigan state, Michigan, Ohio state, Syracuse, Florida

When did Michigan state win the ncaa mens basketball championships?


What is win-loss record for Michigan vs Michigan State football games?

The Wolverines lead 67-29-5

Win loss record Penn state vs Michigan state?

Prior to the November 22, 2008 game the two teams have played 25 times and the all time series is tied at 12-12-1.

2010 What was the highest scoring college football game ever recorded and what?

Michigan vs Illinois 67-65 Michigan win

When did North Carolina win national championships?

yes, in 2009 they beat Michigan State Michigan State-MSU North Carolina-UNC

What is win loss record for Ohio State vs Michigan football games?

Michigan leads the series 58-43-6