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Q: Did University of Michigan Wolverines win yesterday's football game?
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What college has a football team known as the wolverines?

The University of Michigan.The University of Michigan's nickname is the Wolverines.

When was Michigan Wolverines football created?

Michigan Wolverines football was created in 1879.

What animal is the name of the football team of the University of Michigan?

The animal that is the name of the football team of the University of Michigan is wolverines. This name was thought of because the college is ferocious or fierce.

Who is Michigan states football team?

The Michigan Wolverines.

What are the top 3 ncaa football programs of all time?

The University of Michigan Wolverines have the most wins of any college football program in the country.

What is Taylor lautners favorit football team?

Michigan Wolverines

Who is the winningest college football team?

Michigan Wolverines

What is the football team called in Michigan?

The Wolverines is one of them.

What college football team plays for Michigan?


Where can one read the news about Michigan Wolverines football online?

There are many places to read about Michigan Wolverines football online. You can read about them if you visit their website. Their information is also found on football webs.

What has the author Angelique Chengelis written?

Angelique Chengelis has written: '100 things Michigan fans should know & do before they die' -- subject(s): Miscellanea, Michigan Wolverines (Football team), Football, University of Michigan, History

Who is Michigan's football team?

NFL - Detroit LionsCollege - Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State Spartans