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Since 1993, Penn State and Michigan State play annually for the Land Grant Trophy. With Penn State's 42-14 win in 2009, Penn State has a 13-4 record against Michigan State in this rivalry. Michigan State's last win was in 2007.

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2009-12-17 20:52:18
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Q: Michigan state beat or lost to penn state?
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When is the last time Penn St football won at Michigan?

Through the 2008 season, that was 1996 when Penn State won, 29-17. Penn State has lost 5 straight games at Ann Arbor.

Has Michigan state ever beaten penn state at penn state?

Yes ... in 1914, 1946, 1951, and 1965.

How many times has Ohio State beat Penn State?

Ohio State and Penn State have had a rivalry for years. Since their first win in 1975 Ohio State has beat Penn State 14 times.

Who won in the penn state vs Michigan football game in 1992?

Penn State and Michigan did not play in 1992. Their first ever meeting was in 1993 and Michigan won, 21-13, in State College.

Whose better Michigan football or penn state football?

That is an opinion, but I think Penn State has more national titles.

Can Iowa beat penn state?

yes they can even though penn state has been to alot of rose bowls. they have beat them 3 years in arow

What is win-loss record for Michigan vs Penn State football games?

Penn State has won the last 3 in a row. Prior to that, Michigan won the last 9 in a row.

Did Indiana ever beat penn state in football?

No. Indiana is 0-15 against Penn State all-time.

Penn State beat Miami in football?

As of the 2008 season, Penn State and Miami have met 13 times with Penn State winning 7 and Miami winning 6.

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:: Illinois :: Indiana :: Iowa :: Michigan :: Michigan State :: Minnesota :: Northwestern :: Ohio State :: Penn State :: Purdue :: Wisconsin

What are the big 10 schools?

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan state, minnesota, northwestern, Ohio state, penn state, purdue and Wisconsin

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