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Wayne Rooney

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Q: Who will be the best football player in year 2010?
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Who is the best German football player?

There are many very good Germans but this year (2010) Ozil is the best.

The best football player of year 2008 by FIFA?

The best football player of year 2008 by FIFA?

Who was the defensive player of the year for 2010 in football?

The NFL Defensive Player of the Year for 2010 is Troy Polamalu.

Who was 2nd best player 2010 football?

Lionel Messi won the 2010 Ballon D'Or, an awarded determined by the votes of journalists. The second-best player that year was Cristiano Ronaldo.

Who was voted best football player of the year in 2010?

If I'm not mistaken I believe Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals

The best football player of year 2008by fifa?

The 2007- 2008 football player was Christiano Ronaldo.

Top ten richest football player in the year 2010?

alli baba

Is c ronaldo best player in soccer?

No. Lionel Messi is widely considered to be the World's best current Soccer/Football player and has won the official "World Player of the Year" award in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Name the football player who was crowned as African football of the year 2009-2010? answer is Emmanuel Adebayor

Who is best cricket player in year 2010?

Kevin pietersen

Who is the best in football 2011?

Lionel Messi got the player of the year award.

Which player won the FIFA world footballer of the year 2010?

The F.i.F.A player of the year for 2010 ,and Ballon d Or winner was Lionel Messi of Argentina, and he plays his club football at Barcelona.

Who is the best girl football player?

That has to be Amnah Hussain she is the best player ever and she is only twelve and is in year seven. look how talented she is.

What trophies are awarded in American football?

There are many trophies givin in American football let us go down the list .The lombardi trophy- it is givin to the mvp of the winning team of the super bowl .MVP of the year- givin to the most valuable player of the year .Rookie of the year- givin to the best rookie of the year .Offensive player of the year- givin to the best offensive player of the year .Defensive player of the year- givin to the best defensive player of the year .Offensive rookie of the year- best offensive rookie of the year .Defensive rookie of the year- best defensive player of the year

Who was the best player in the NBA of year 2010?

Kevn Durant the Durantula

Who is the best football player for Austria?

The best football player in Austria is Matthias Sindelar. He was voted by the IFFHS as the best footballer in a 1999 poll. A year before that Matthias was also named as the AustriaÕs sportsman of the century.

How much does a football player get paid to play football?

One Answer:it depends on the player and club Another Answer:For American football (NFL), the minimum salary in 2010 for a first year player will be $325,000; for a player with ten or more years experience, $860,000.

How much does an arena football player make in a year?

how much money do a football player make a year?

Is Uruguay in the last 8 of the 2010 football world cup?

Yes they are there one of the best teams this year.

Why did Robert Griffin 3 win the Heisman Trophy over Andrew Luck?

The Heisman Trophy is awarded to the best player in college football, not the best quarterback. RG3 was the Best overall player in college football this year.

Who is the best rugby player in the world?

Richie Mcaw has been nominated and won IRB Players player of the 2010 year. This in effect makes him the best player in the world for the 2009/2010 season.

Who is the best tennis player in the universe?

Roger Federer, but in the year of 2010, the leading player is Rafael Nadal.

When was NAIA Football Player of the Year Award created?

NAIA Football Player of the Year Award was created in 1997.

Who got the best cricketer award of 2010?

Sachin Tendulkar-Player of the year AB de Villiers-ODI Player of the year Virender Sehwag-Test Player of the year

Who is the best rounders player in st caths?

Nearly every year 6 that was there in 2010. :)