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Lionel Messi won the 2010 Ballon D'Or, an awarded determined by the votes of journalists. The second-best player that year was Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Q: Who was 2nd best player 2010 football?
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Who is the 2nd greatest football player ever?

The second best player in my opinion is Johan Cruyff after Pele, and not Maradona.

When is the first NCAA football game for 2010?

September 2nd

What football player birthday is in march?

ben roethlisberger - 2nd Reegie bush - 2nd

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the best basketball player is Micheal Jordan the 2nd best is lebron James

Who is the 2nd best basketball player?

Wilt Chamberlain

The world's best supported football club?

Arsenal by 0.025 percent, Barcelona were 2nd

How much does a 2nd division football player earn?

bout fitty Gs a week yo

In 2010 Who is 2nd best footballer in the world?

Lionel Messi is the best, Cristiano Ronaldo would be second best.

Who is the 2nd best hockey player in the world?

Hayley Wickenheiser

Who is the 2nd best player on the texas rangers?

Michael Young

What is the rank of Cristiano Ronaldo?

He is the 2nd best player in the world

Who is the 2nd best footballer player in the world?

Its Neymar from Santos.

2nd international million pound football player?

It was Nigel Martyns the former Leeds and Everton goalkeeper.

Who is the best soccer player Ronaldinho who plays with Barcelona or Cristiano Ronaldo who plays with Manchester United?

Ronaldo is the 2nd best player in the world

Who is the best phillies player?

1st is Chase Utley and 2nd is Ryan Howard

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Who is the 2nd best QB for football this 2007 season?

It's a tie between Favre and Manning with Romo very close.

What sport do you most commonly see steroid abuse?

1st Baseball 2nd Football 1st Baseball 2nd Football

Is the waukegan chiefs the best youth football team?

I will say the last heavyweight team that just won the 2010 Championship is the Best in the youth football. That group of kids was the Best since they started in 2004 year. Especially they had this kid (marcese gonzales) that was so talented in football that they couldn't be stopped. He had the best quarterback (M. Bobo) & lineman/linebacker (Justice 'Maceo' Morgan) Last year in 2010 Championship in Grayslake,IL the Waukegan Chiefs Heavyweights went out as Champions! These kids took 2nd place at a nationals in St. Louis, Morgan, Bobo and Gonzales were all featured on ESPN for youth week. Those kids will always be remember as a great team through the youth football years.

How many times has Spain won the football World Cup?

OnceSpain defeated the Netherlands (Holland) 1-0 in extra time, in the 2010 FIFA World Cup final on July 11, 2010. Iniesta the Barcelona player, got an assist from fabregas the Arsenal player when Iniesta struck a volley that hit the back of the net right at the end of the 2nd half of over time.

Who is the best football player in history?

The true answer [soccer] is Pele. It was even annouced in 2005, and he won footballer of the century. Australian Football [AFL]: The true answer is Haydn Bunton Snr., having amassed 6 of the Major state Best & Fairest awards. No one else has come close. He virtually won one for every 2nd full season he played.

In 2010 who is the second best footballer in the world?

The 2nd best is probably Christiano Ronaldo, though Wayne Rooney and Didier Drogba are in the running. Lionel Messi is the best.

Who won the carling cup 2010?

Manchester United ( 2nd time in a row ) One of the best teams in the world.