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The F.i.F.A player of the year for 2010 ,and Ballon d Or winner was Lionel Messi of Argentina, and he plays his club football at Barcelona.

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Q: Which player won the FIFA world footballer of the year 2010?
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Which player was nominated Golden Boot in FIFA World Cup 2010?

It is the German footballer Tomas muller.

Who was dectaired as best young player in fifa world cup-2010?

The best young footballer for the 2010 world cup, was the German Tomas Muller.

Which player was named FIFA world player in1993?

It was the Brazilian footballer Romario.

FIFA player of the year 2010?

It is the Argentinan footballer who plays for Barcelona Lionel Messi.

How do you win fifa balloon dor 2010?

You will have to be the best footballer at a world to win that.

Has a Scottish footballer ever scored a hat-trick in a FIFA World Cup match?

As of the 2010 World Cup competition, no Scottish footballer has scored a hat trick in the FIFA World Cup.

Who won the FIFA World Player of the Year Award in 2002?

The Brazilian Ronaldo Lima won the fifa footballer of the year in 2002

Who won the FIFA World Player of the Year Award in 1994?

The footballer to win the F.I.F.A. footballer of the year in 1994 was the Brazalian striker Romario.

Who won the FIFA World Player of the Year Award in 1992?

In the year 1992 the dutch footballer Marco Van Basten won the footballer of the year.

Was raul played 2010 FIFA world cup?

The Spanish footballer Raul did not play in the 2010 world cup in South Africa. As he was not selected, Spain went plainly for youth in 2010.

Who is the best player in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?


When was Lionel Messi fifa world player of the year?