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1990:Derrick Coleman 1991:Larry Johnson 1992:Shaquille O'Neal 1993:Chris Webber 1994:Glenn Robinson 1995: Joe Smith 1996: Allen Iverson 1997:Tim Duncan1998: Michael Olowokandi 1999:Elton Brand 2000:Kenyon Martin 2001:Kwame Brown 2002:Yao Ming 2003:LeBron James 2004:Dwight Howard 2005:Andrew Bogut 2006:Andrea Bargnani 2007:Greg Oden 2008:Derrick Rose

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Q: Who were the first round NBA draft pick from 1990 2008?
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Was Jordan Eberle a first round draft pick?

Yes, Eberle was a first round pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, 22nd overall.

Why do the philadelphis eagles get the Carolina Panthers first round pick?

Prior to the 2008 NFL draft, the Panthers traded their first round choice in the 2009 draft along with a 2nd and 4th round choice in the 2008 draft to the Eagles for the Eagles first round choice in the 2008 draft, the 19th overall choice. The Panthers used the selection to choose offensive tackle Jeff Otah from the University of Pittsburgh.

What draft pick do the Redskins have this year in 2008?

As of March 21, the Redskins have the 21st choice in the first round of the 2008 NFL draft.

How many first round picks does Dallas have in the 2008 draft?

Currently, the Cowboys have two first round picks .... their own and Cleveland's. The Browns traded the Cowboys their first round choice in the 2008 for the Cowboys 22nd draft spot in the 2007 draft so they would be able to choose QB Brady Quinn.

Who was the Saint Louis Rams first round draft pick in 2008?

In the first round St.Louis Rams picked Chris Long

What is the salary of a first round nfl draft pick?

In 2008, the average guaranteed salary for a first-round pick in the NFL was $11,924,000.

Who was the Steelers first round draft pick in 2008?

Rashard Mendenhall RB from Illinois.

Why do the patriots have the chargers second round pick?

On Draft Day 2008, the Patriots traded one of their third round choices in the 2008 draft, the 69th overall choice, to the Chargers for their 5th round choice in the 2008 draft, the 160th overall choice, and the Chargers 2nd round choice in the 2009 draft.

How did the Patriots get their NFL 2008 draft pick back?

They didn't. The 1st round draft choice they have in the 2008 draft was acquired from the 49ers last year in a trade the 49ers made so they could move up in the draft and select offensive tackle Joe Staley. The 49ers traded their fourth round choice in 2007 and their first round choice in 2008 for the Patriots first round choice in 2007 which the 49ers used to select Staley. The Patriots lost their first round choice in 2008, the 31st overall, but were not stripped of the 1st rounder obtained via the 49ers trade.

Who was the 2008 second round draft picks in the nfl?

You'd have to look up 2008 NFL draft on google, yahoo, wikipedia, or somewhere else and scroll down to the second round

Who was the 1st pick for 2008 NBA draft for the lakers?

The lakers picked Joe Crawford from the University of Kentucky in the 2nd round. The Lakers didn't own a first round pick.

When did Felix Jones get drafted in Dallas Cowboys?

The running back from Arkansas was drafted by the Cowboys in the first round of the 2008 NFL college draft.