Who was the 2008 second round draft picks in the nfl?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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You'd have to look up 2008 NFL draft on Google, Yahoo, wikipedia, or somewhere else and scroll down to the second round

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Q: Who was the 2008 second round draft picks in the nfl?
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What is the salary of a second round NFL draft pick?

For 2008 second-round picks, the player earned an average of $1,932,000 guaranteed.(For an article on Yahoo! Sports on the topic of draft picks, see the Related Link.)

How many first round picks does Dallas have in the 2008 draft?

Currently, the Cowboys have two first round picks .... their own and Cleveland's. The Browns traded the Cowboys their first round choice in the 2008 for the Cowboys 22nd draft spot in the 2007 draft so they would be able to choose QB Brady Quinn.

Why do the patriots have the chargers second round pick?

On Draft Day 2008, the Patriots traded one of their third round choices in the 2008 draft, the 69th overall choice, to the Chargers for their 5th round choice in the 2008 draft, the 160th overall choice, and the Chargers 2nd round choice in the 2009 draft.

Who was the Packers first round draft in 2008?

The Packers did not have a first round draft choice in the 2008 draft. On draft day, they traded their first round choice to the New York Jets for the Jets' second and fourth choices. The Packers first choice in the 2008 draft, who was the 36th overall choice and 5th choice in the 2nd round, was wide receiver Jordy Nelson out of Kansas State.

How many draft picks are the mlb draft?

The MLB draft has different rules from other professional sports drafts such as the NFL, NBA, or NHL. There may be up to 50 rounds in the MLB draft. With 30 teams, that could mean 1,500 picks. However, there are more rules complicating that number. First, depending on how many free agents a team lost (and how good those free agents were), teams might be awarded "compensatory picks" that are sandwiched between the first and second round. Second, a team can stop picking at any round by "passing." The remaining teams will continue picking. In the 2008 draft, 1,504 players were drafted. In 2007, 1,453 players. The MLB draft currently held in the first week in June.