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They didn't. The 1st round draft choice they have in the 2008 draft was acquired from the 49ers last year in a trade the 49ers made so they could move up in the draft and select offensive tackle Joe Staley. The 49ers traded their fourth round choice in 2007 and their first round choice in 2008 for the Patriots first round choice in 2007 which the 49ers used to select Staley. The Patriots lost their first round choice in 2008, the 31st overall, but were not stripped of the 1st rounder obtained via the 49ers trade.

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Q: How did the Patriots get their NFL 2008 draft pick back?
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Who was the No 1 draft pick in 2008 for the Patriots?

jerod mayo

Who was the Patriots' number 1 draft pick back in 1960?

The Patriots first draft pick was Northwestern running back Ron Burton. The AFL also has a teritorial draft, in which the Patriots selected Syracuse University Gerhardt Schwedes.

Who was the Patriots' number 1 draft pick back in 1984?

The Patriots had the overall #1 pick in the 1984 NFL draft and selected wide receiver Irving Fryar out of Nebraska.

Why do the patriots have the chargers second round pick?

On Draft Day 2008, the Patriots traded one of their third round choices in the 2008 draft, the 69th overall choice, to the Chargers for their 5th round choice in the 2008 draft, the 160th overall choice, and the Chargers 2nd round choice in the 2009 draft.

How did New England get number 7 pick?

Last season from the 49ers. On 2007 draft day, the 49ers traded their 2008 #1 pick and their 2007 #4 pick for the Patriots 2007 #1 pick.

Who was selected in the seventh round by the New England Patriots In 2006 draft?

In the 7th round of the 2006 NFL Draft, the New England Patriots selected Baylor Corner Back Willie Andrews, with the 229th overall pick.

Who was the first pick in the 1993 NFL Draft?

The first pick of the 1993 NFL draft was Drew Bledsoe, out of Washington State, to the New England Patriots.

Why didn't the San Francisco 49ers pick Tom Brady in the 2000 draft?

The 49ers didn't pick Tom Brady in the 2000 draft, the Patriots did

Who did patriots get in mike vrabel trade?

They got a second round draft pick

Who did the New England Patriots trade Drew Bledsoe for in 2002?

The Patriots received the Buffalo Bills 1st round draft pick in the 2003 NFL draft for Bledsoe

What round draft pick was Randy Moss traded to the Patriots for?

Randy Moss was traded to the Patriots for a 4th round pick (110th overall) in the 2007 NFL draft. The Oakland Raiders used the pick to select University of Cincinnati cornerback John Bowie.

When did the spurs draft george hill?

With the 26th pick in the 2008 NBA Draft

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