When did Felix Jones get drafted in Dallas Cowboys?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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The running back from Arkansas was drafted by the Cowboys in the first round of the 2008 NFL college draft.

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Q: When did Felix Jones get drafted in Dallas Cowboys?
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Who is 28 on the Dallas Cowboys?

Felix Jones, a running back, is number 28 on the Dallas Cowboys.

Who is number 18 of the Dallas Cowboys?

RB or HB(Running Back or Half Back) Marion Barber is number 24 on the Dallas Cowboys.

Who is Felix Jones?

A Arkansas running back along side with Darren mcfadden. He is now playing for the dallas cowboys in the NFL.

When was Stephen Jones - Dallas Cowboys - born?

Stephen Jones - Dallas Cowboys - was born in 1964.

What is Chris Jones's number on the Dallas Cowboys?

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When was ed Jones drafted by the cowboys?


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The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are a part of the Dallas Cowboys organization, so their paychecks are issued by the NFL team. Charlotte Jones Anderson, daughter of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, is the president and overall supervisor of the Cowboys Cheerleaders hierarchy.

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Will the cowboys draft Felix Jones?

50 percent chance that the cowboys will draft Jones if not they should really i mean really draft mcfadden!