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Q: Who was the pro baseball player that got hit the most times by the opposing pitcher?
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Baseball player to be hit the most times by the pitcher?


How many times can a pitcher be used in a baseball game if there is a tie?

In MLB, once a player is taken out of the game the player may not return to the game. So a pitcher would not be allowed to return to the game once he is taken out.

Who was the baseball pitcher who hit two home runs in a game five times?

wes ferrell.

What is the objective of baseball?

The object of baseball is to run across home plate more times than the opposing team.

How many times have the New York Yankees lost the game because of a perfect pitched game?

The New York Yankees have never been the victims of a perfect game thrown by an opposing pitcher.

Who is the nicest baseball player?

The nicest baseball player is Kevin Youkillis. Ive met him various times and he is a great romodel.

Who was the shortest baseball player of all times?

eddie gadael

Why does the hind catcher tell the pitcher what to throw?

There is more than just one reason that the catcher calls the game. One reason is that most of the time the catcher is more familiar with the opposing hitters. Since the catcher is also aware of what pitches are working that day for his pitcher, it makes more sense for him to call for pitches that will keep the opposing hitters of balance. Many times the pitches are signalled in to the catcher from either his manager or pitching coach. This allows the pitcher to consentrate only on what his catcher is calling.

What was the longest complete game victory by a pitcher in baseball?

Since 1954, the record is 16 innings, done 5 times.