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only 282 have been thrown in Major League Baseball history since 1875, an average of about two per year.

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Q: How many times have opposing pitchers pitched no hitters?
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How many times have the New York Yankees lost the game because of a perfect pitched game?

The New York Yankees have never been the victims of a perfect game thrown by an opposing pitcher.

What does BA mean in basketball stats?

It means Batting Average Against. It is used to show what opposing hitters are hitting off of a particular pitcher. For example, Randy Johnson had a .197 BAA in the 2004 season. That means opposing hitters had a .197 batting average against him that season.

How do you calculate the volume of a rectangular parallelepiped where opposing corners are given?

length times with times height

How may times have New York Yankees pitchers hit Boston Red Sox batters with the ball?

Since 1950, Yankee pitchers have hit 264 Red Sox batters, and Red Sox pitchers have hit 337 Yankee batters. (Numbers recent as of August 2013.)

Why does the hind catcher tell the pitcher what to throw?

There is more than just one reason that the catcher calls the game. One reason is that most of the time the catcher is more familiar with the opposing hitters. Since the catcher is also aware of what pitches are working that day for his pitcher, it makes more sense for him to call for pitches that will keep the opposing hitters of balance. Many times the pitches are signalled in to the catcher from either his manager or pitching coach. This allows the pitcher to consentrate only on what his catcher is calling.

How many times does a pitched ball spin?

only ten times

When were the New York Yankees on the losing side of a no hitter?

The Yankees were no-hit seven times in their history. The first time, the team was known as the New York Highlanders.June 30, 1908 (NY Highlanders)June 21, 1916September 10, 1919April 30, 1946August 25, 1952September 20, 1958June 11, 2003 (six opposing pitchers used)

What current MLB player is hit the most by pitchers?

Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies has been hit by 17 pitches in 2009, and as for the career record, Jason Kendall has been hit 241 times in his career, by 190 different pitchers.

How many Pitchers who have pitched in World series for both an American and national league team?

*It's probably happened too many times to mention. The most recent pitcher to accomplish the feat was Cliff Lee, who was a member of the Philadelphia Phillies during the 2009 World Series and the Texas Rangers during the 2010 Series.

Did Mickey Mantle ever pitch?

Mickey Mantle played most of his career in center field, and played first base the final two seasons. He occasional played left, and right field and a couple of times at third, short, and second base. He never pitched but was a pitchers nightmare.

How do you calculate a pitchers era?

A pitcher's era (earned run average) is calculated as follows: 1. Number of Earned Runs 2. Times 9 3. Divided by number of innings pitched So, if a pitcher gives up 3 earned runs in 5 innings then we first multiply 3 times 9 = 27. Then we take 27 and divide it by 5 (for innings pitched) to get an era of 5.4. Also, an earned run is a run that scores without the defense creating any errors.

Who was the pro baseball player that got hit the most times by the opposing pitcher?

Craig Biggio