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maxi rodriguez

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Q: Who was the last player to score a hat-trick in the fa premiership?
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Who is the only premiership player to score at the last 3 world cup finals?


Who was the last person to score a hat trick for Spain?

The last person to score a hattrick for Spain was in Euro 2008, David Villa

WHO was last premiership goalkeeper to score?

Tim Howard of Everton.

Who was the last team to score nine goals in the premiership?

Tottenham hotspur

Who was last player to miss 2 penalties in premiership?

I think the last player to miss 2 penalties in the same Premiership game is Juan Pablo Angel for Aston Villa.

Who was the last player to score 4 goals in premiership game?

Andrei Arshavin from Arsenal Liverpool 4 - 4 Arsenal April 21, 2009 ur mum

Who was the last player to score a premiership league goal for Wimbledon?

The last player to score a Wimbledon goal in the Premiership was John Hartson on May 6th, 2000. This was in game 37 in the league ( as no player scored for Wimbledon in game 38 ). The match was played at Selhurst Park and finished 2 - 2 against Aston Villa. Goals on the day were score by Ehiogu O.G. 16minutes and a late goal by John Hartson on the 90th minute. Lee Hendrie and Dion Dublin scored for Aston Villa.

Who score the last goal of the premiership in 1999?

Roberto Di Matteo for Chelsea against Sheffield Wednesday.

Which player won the most tackles in the premiership last season?


Who was the last English player to win the premiership's top goalscorer?

Alan shearer

.who was the last player to score 4 goals in a premiership match without winning?

The last player to score a total of four goals , and even then his team failed to win , is Andrei Arshavin, from Arsenal who scored four goals in the match with Liverpool. But Liverpool also scored four goals ,2 by Torres and 2 by Benayoun.

Last Celtic player to score hat rick against Rangers?

last Celtic player to score a hatrick against rangers

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