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Q: Who is the only premiership player to score at the last 3 world cup finals?
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Who is the quickest player to score 50 premiership goals?

Ronaldo for Manchester United the best team in the world

Who was the first England player to score two goals in world cup finals and in which year?

Wayne Rooney

Which team qualified for the world cup finals and didnt score a goal at the finals?

There were two teams who failed to score in the 2010 world cup. They were hHonduras and Algeria.

Who score the first goal in 2010 world cup finals?

It was the south African

Who was the first man to score a goal in a world cup finals?

It was Uruguay player Pablo Dorado who scored in 12th minute in match versus France in 1930 World Cup Final.

How many goals did klose score in the 2010 world cup?

Miroslav Klose score 5 goals for Germany in the 2010 World Cup finals.

What premiership player has won the world cup?

William gallas

Was the last person to score a hat trick at the World Cup finals?

miroslave klose

Only German to score in two world cup finals?

Karl-Heinz Ruminnegge.

Which current premiership player has won a world cup medal?


Which player has won the champions league world cup fa cup and premiership?

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Which player in premiership has won the world cup?

Belletti (Chelsea) with Brazil 2002