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Patrick vieria, is such a player.

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Q: Which Players still play in the premiership who have scored in the last 3 decades?
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Which two players have scored a hat trick in the premiership but still lost?

Dwight Yorke & Roque Santa Cruz

What10 players who have won the champions league but not the premiership and still playing in premiership?

hey are steven Gerrard,jammie carrigher,

Who are the 6 players who have scored in old firm games and are still playing in the premiership?

carlos cuellar, mark viduka, stillian petrov, Craig bellamy, Daniel cousin, mikel arteta peter loverkranz

What two players have won champions league won uefa cup won premiership won fa cup been relegated from premiership still plays in premiership?


How many players still play in the premiership since 1992.?

As far as I know, only Ryan Giggs is left in the Premiership from the Class of 92.

How many players are still playing in the premiership and played in the first season as well?

A lots

English player who has scored the most goals against Liverpool still playing in carling premiership.?

Jamie Carragher

2 players still in premiership that have played over 400 prem league games?

The two players are Ryan Giggs and paul Scholes.

Former Manchester united players still playing in the premiership?

It is Philip Neville, Lois Saha and Tim Howard.

Who has scored most goals against Liverpool and is still playing in the premiership?

Didier Drogba has scored a career nine goals in all competitions against Liverpool; 2 for Marseille, 7 for Chelsea.

Which players have scored a hat-trick against the US women's soccer team?

In the 2012 Olympic Semifinals Christine Sinclair, captain of the Canadian WNT scored a hat trick (they still lost though).

Which 12 players have played for two of the premiership big four teams are still playing in the premiership?

Michael Owen (Manchester United and Liverpool) Ashley Cole (Chelsea and Arsenal) Nicholas Anelka (Chelsea and Arsenal) Michael Silvestre (Arsenal and Manchester United) ... I know that's not 12, but there are some for you!