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Ed Walsh.

The first no hitter thrown at Comiskey was thrown by White Sox pitcher Ed Walsh against the Boston Red Sox on August 27, 1911.

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Q: Who was the First pitcher to pitch no hitter at cominsky park?
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Who was the first hispanic baseball pitcher to pitch a no hitter?

juan marichal

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Well in the American league it is required to have a designated hitter for the pitcher but if the pitcher were to pitch in the national league the pitcher is required do both

Does a hitter get a RBI if the pitcher throws a wild pitch allowing a run to score?


Can a pitcher be relieved after a pitch but before the batter is either out or places the ball in play?

Yes. Either the pitcher or the batter may be substituted for at any point in the at-bat. Only if it is not the first hitter that pitcher is facing, if it is the first batter he faces, he must pitch the entire at-bat unless injured, then he may be removed from the game

How can you pitch a no hitter and lose?

A pitcher can pitch a no-hitter, meaning the opposing team has no hits in the entire game while the pitcher throws a complete game, and still lose by way of walks, errors, and other means of unearned runs.

Did any pitcher pitch a no hitter and a perfect game in a single season?

Roy Halladay just did it yesterday (No hitter was in postseason though)

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it is always the first pitch

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In MLB, yes. MLB's definition of a no hitter is: "An official no-hit game occurs when a pitcher (or pitchers) allows no hits during the entire course of a game, which consists of at least nine innings." So a pitcher could pitch a no hitter for nine innings or nineteen innings but if a reliever comes in and gives up a hit, the no hitter is over.

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For the pitcher's ball/strike pitch numbers, it is counted as a strike.

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