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Kenny dalglish in 1990

Kenny dalglish in 1990

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Q: Who was Liverpool football club manager the last time they won the league?
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Who is Liverpool FC?

Liverpool Football Club is a professional association football club based in Liverpool. Liverpool FC are the English team in the Barclays Premier League. The club was founded in 1892.

Who is the last manager of the Liverpool Football Club?

The Current Manager of Liverpool Football Club is Rafael BenitezHowever the manager before that was Gerard HoullierRafael Benetiz

Football club which won league in 1998?

Not Liverpool.

Who was Liverpool Football Club's Manager in 2011-2012?

Kenny Dalglish

What is the current manager of the Liverpool Football Club for 2009?

Rafael Benitez.

What Is The Liverpool Manager's Surname at present?

The manager of Liverpool Football Club at present (2013-2014 season) is Northern Irishman Brendan Rodgers.

Who is the poorest English league football club?

Liverpool FC

Who was the first assistant manager of Liverpool football club?

The assistant is Sammie Lee.

Which Liverpool manager has won most league titles for the club?

Bob Paisley

What year did liverpool football club last win the league?


Last time Liverpool football club won the league?


What is so special about the Liverpool Arsenal team?

Liverpool Arsenal is not a team. Arsenal is an English Premier football club based in Holloway, London. Liverpool is an English Premier football club based in Liverpool. They are separate teams in the same football league, thus considered rivals.

Where could one find a list of the Liverpool Football Club fixtures for the next season?

There are many places where one can find a list of the Liverpool Football Club fixtures for the next season. This includes the Liverpool Football Club site as well as the site dedicated to the English Premier League.

In which country is Liverpool Football Club?

Liverpool Football Club is in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Where was Brendan Rodgers sacked?

Brendan Rodgers was sacked as manager by Liverpool Football Club.

Which English football team won the League and the FA Cup 'double' in 1986?

Liverpool Football Club.

Have Liverpool football club ever relegated from the english premier league?

Liverpool have not been relegated since the beginning of the Premiership.

What is Sam lees role at Liverpool football club?

Sammy Lee is Rafa's assistant manager.

Who is the best football team in the premier leauge?

Liverpool Football Club is the best football club in the English Premier League because they have won the league 18 times and have also won many other trophies.

Where is the Liverpool football club located?

Liverpool. Liverpool Football Club, Anfield Road, Liverpool, L4 0TH

Which football club won the league in 1973?

Liverpool won the league in 1973. This was their first win in 7 years.

Who is the manger of Liverpool?

The current manager of Liverpool Football club is Rafa (Rafael) Benítez. This has now changed to Roy Hodgson from July 2010.

Who are everton fc?

Everton football club is a Liverpool based club that is a part of English Premiere League. It has won the league title nine times.

How many times have have Liverpool football club won the league cup?

7 times.

How many times have Liverpool football club won the Champions league?

5 times.