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Kenny Dalglish

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Q: Who was Liverpool Football Club's Manager in 2011-2012?
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Who is Liverpool football clubs manager?

It's Kenny Dalglish now as of Feb 2011

When did football clubs first have advertisements on their shirts?


What are some good football clubs?

liverpool is the best

Who was Liverpool football clubs first million pound football player?


What is the name of Liverpool Football Clubs home ground?


Who is Liverpool football clubs most capped English player?

Steven Gerrard! Liverpool Captain.

What football clubs ground did Marvin berglas attend recently?

It was Liverpool

What do you get in a Liverpool F.C. membership?

in its in some football magazines,or on the clubs website

List 20 most supported football clubs in the world?


What is the name of Liverpool football clubs song?

"You'll Never Walk Alone"

What is the rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United?

Manchester United and Liverpool are both football clubs in the UK. They are two of the most successful clubs in England and both claim the title of the Greatest English Football Club.

Why is the song you'll never walk alone Liverpool football clubs anthem?

It was sung by Gerry and Pacemakers who were from and supported Liverpool.

Which 2 carling premiership football clubs are the closest to each other?

Liverpool and everton

List of most successful football clubs in England?

The three most successful clubs in England are Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal.

Which of these football clubs achieved promotion in the 2002-2003 season Liverpool wolves Chelsea Barcelona Football Club?

It is Wolves.

Which manager has managed the most clubs?

Graeme Souness has been able to manage the most premiership clubs. His clubs include Liverpool, Southampton, Blackburn and Newcastle.

Who was Portsmouth football club first manager?

Portsmouth football clubs first manager was Frank Brettlell from the seasons of August 1898-May 1901

What are Liverpool football clubs away colors?

For the 2008-2009 season, Liverpool's away kit is grey. The clubs away colours vary year by year, they have worn white, black, yellow and green.

What is the name of the Manchester united football clubs manager?

sir alex Ferguson since1987

Who is liverpools captain?

Steven Gerrard is Liverpool football clubs captin .In his absence Jamie Carragher captains them.In both there absence Mascarano captians Liverpool.

Which English football clubs spend the most on player salaries?

The clubs that spend the most on weekly salaries are Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City.

Which English football clubs as Nicolas anelka played for?

Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers, Chelsea

What information do you have on Robert roy felton who played for everton and Liverpool football clubs?

nearly as good as maradona and Pele

Which are the famous football clubs?

Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Juventus, AC Milan, Liverpool

How do you get unlimited money in football manager 2008?

sell your unused player.arrange friendly with Europe clubs