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Kordell Stewart

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Q: Who was Bill Cowher's favorite Pittsburgh Steeler?
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What was head coach Bill Cowher's salary in Pittsburgh?

Former Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowhers last contract with Pittsburgh was in the range of $4 million dollars per year.

Which former Pittsburgh Steeler has the record for the longest punt return against the Pittsburgh Steelers?

"Bullet" Bill Dudley

Who was the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers football team in 1996?

Bill Cowher was the Steeler head coach from 1992-2006.

Which Pittsburgh Steeler did not wear number 12 Terry Bradshaw Terry Nofsinger William Patterson or Bill Mackrides?

It was Bill Mackrides. He wore number 13 in 1953.

What is Bill Cowhers record?

The Steelers regular season win/loss record since 1992 - 2006 under the tenureof coach Bill Cowher is 149-90-1.

Who did the steelers beat in bill cowhers nfl head coaching debut?

The Houston Oilers, 29-24, on September 6, 1992 at the Astrodome.

What Steeler Rookie led the league in rushing in 1942?

Bill Dudley with 696 yards.

What is bill kaulitz favorite show?

Bill's favorite show is Scrubs

What was Bill Cosby's Favorite Food?

what is Bill Cosby's favorite food?

Is it correct to say 'Bill and I's favorite place'?

No. Instead you should say, "Bill's and my favorite place" or "favorite place for Bill and me".

What is the name of the head of your local government in Pittsburgh?

William "Bill" Peduto is the mayor of Pittsburgh.

Which Pittsburgh Steeler led the league in interceptions?

As of the 2012 season:1) 1941: Art Jones - 72) 1946: Bill Dudley - 103) 1957: Jack Butler - 104) 1959: Dean Derby - 75) 1973: Mike Wagner - 86) 1975: Mel Blount - 11

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