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The Houston Oilers, 29-24, on September 6, 1992 at the Astrodome.

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Q: Who did the steelers beat in bill cowhers nfl head coaching debut?
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What team beat The Steelers in their 1933 debut?

New York Giants

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers beat in Bill Cowher's coaching debut?

Bill Cowher became the head coach of the Steelers on January 21, 1992 succeeding Chuck Knoll. The season opener was against Houston on September 6th, and they handed the Oilers a 29 - 24 defeat.

Which team beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in their debut game of 1933?

New York Giants

What team beat the Steelers in their 1933 debut by a score of 23-2?

New York Giants.

Who beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-2 in1933?

New York Giants at Forbes Field beat the Pittsburgh Pirates (Steelers now) in there debut game. The following week the Pirates would win 14-13 victory at Forbes over the Chicago Cardinals.

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The last time the Bills beat the Steelers was in 1999 at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The score was Bills 24 and the Steelers 21.

How many times have the Bengals beat The Steelers?

The Bengals from Cincinnati have had a running rivalry with the Pittsburgh Steelers for some time. As of 2012, the Bengals had beat the Steelers 33 times.

Who did The Pittsburgh Steelers beat in the Super Bowl in 2006?

The Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks to win their 5th Super Bowl championship.

What was the score of the 2003 game when the browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers?

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When did the Baltimore Ravens last beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh?

The Ravens last beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh on November 18, 2012.

When was the last time the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Pittsburgh Steelers?

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