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Q: Who threw the most innings in a game resulting in a perfect game?
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How many innings are in a perfect game?

9+ innings are in a perfect game. There are combined perfect games where the bullpen and the starter combine for a perfect game, there is also the starter going through 9 for a perfect game which is what normally happens

Minimum innings required for a pitcher to be eligible for a perfect game?

The minimum innings a pitcher needs for a perfect game is nine innnings

Has there ever been a perfect game longer than 9 innings?

No because if the pitcher pitched a perfect game and his team did not get runs that would be unfair to the pitcher and a game is supposed be 9 innings

How many pitches did Harvey haddix pitch in a 10 inning perfect game?

He didn't pitch 10 perfect innings.He pitched 12 perfect innings. One of the many baseball cards years ago incorrectly referred to 10 perfect innings,but it was 12 perfect innings

Who pitched the longest perfect game in MLB history?

All perfect games in MLB history have been 9 innings in length. The pitcher that had the most perfect innings in one game was Harvey Haddix of the 1959 Pittsburgh Pirates against the Milwaukee Braves at County Stadium in Milwaukee. He threw 12 consecutive perfect innings but the Pirates did not score as Braves pitcher Lew Burdette 'scattered' 12 hits over a complete game of 13 innings. In the bottom of the 13th, the first Braves batter, Felix Mantilla, reached base on an error by Pirates third baseman Don Hoak ending the perfect game. After a sacrifice and an intentional walk, Joe Adcock doubled to breakup the no hitter and win the game for the Braves. Braves' pitcher Burdette called Haddix's performance "the greatest game that's ever been pitched in the history of baseball".

Which pitcher threw a Perfect game in the 1958 World Series?

Don Larsen threw the only perfect game in World Series history in 1956 .

What is the amount of innings?

There is a total of nine innings in a game of baseball. However, if the game is tied at the end of nine innings, then the game can go into extra innings.

Can a baseball perfect game be less than 9 innings?

No, perfect games must be (at least) 9 innings. Shortened "perfect" games have occurred four times: Rube Vickers and Ed Karger in 1907, Dean Chance in 1967, and David Palmer in 1984. Karger's was 7 innings, the other three were 5.

Who threw the first perfect game?

Lee Richmond, in 1880.

Who threw a Perfect Game on 8 15 2012?

On August 15, 2012, Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners threw a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

How many innings are there in a baseball game?

9 innings in a regular game

How many innings are there in an official basketball game?

There are nine innings in a game.

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