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The minimum innings a pitcher needs for a perfect game is nine innnings

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Q: Minimum innings required for a pitcher to be eligible for a perfect game?
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How many pitches did Harvey haddix pitch in a 10 inning perfect game?

He didn't pitch 10 perfect innings.He pitched 12 perfect innings. One of the many baseball cards years ago incorrectly referred to 10 perfect innings,but it was 12 perfect innings

What is considered a 'perfect game' in baseball?

No baserunnerIf a pitcher faces the minimum number of batters for all the innings played (which means it could go to extra innings) without allowing a baserunner, he has pitched a perfect game: no hits, no walks, no batters hit-by-pitch, no batters reach on an error. Also, the pitcher cannot be substituted.

Who threw the most innings in a game resulting in a perfect game?


Has there ever been a perfect game longer than 9 innings?

No because if the pitcher pitched a perfect game and his team did not get runs that would be unfair to the pitcher and a game is supposed be 9 innings

Can a baseball perfect game be less than 9 innings?

No, perfect games must be (at least) 9 innings. Shortened "perfect" games have occurred four times: Rube Vickers and Ed Karger in 1907, Dean Chance in 1967, and David Palmer in 1984. Karger's was 7 innings, the other three were 5.

Perfect height for a perfect IPS officer?

5.4 minimum......

Has any baseball player pitched a perfect game and lost?

Under the current rules, it's impossible. A pitcher doesn't get credit for a perfect game unless he pitches the entire game and allows no baserunners. There have been a few cases where a pitcher went 9 perfect innings then lost the game in extra innings. It used to be the case where if a pitcher pitched nine perfect innings, he would get credit for a perfect game even if he allowed baserunners in extra innings. However, these games are no longer officially credited as perfect games. On May 26, 1959, Pittsburgh Pirate Harvey Haddix pitched 12 perfect innings but gave up an error in the 13th. The Pirates lost to the Milwaukee Braves 3-0. On June 3, 1995, Montreal Expo Pedro Martinez pitched 9 perfect innings but gave up a hit in the 10th. The Expos beat the San Diego Padres 1-0. It is possible to throw a no-hitter but still lose the game. New York Yankee Andy Hawkins and Boston Red Sox Matt Young both lost games in the early 90's without giving up a hit. The runs came as a result of errors by other team members.

Who are the pitchers who have thrown a no hitter or a perfect game in extra innings?

Through the end of the 2007 regular season, there have been 4 extra innings complete no hitters and no extra innings perfect games. 1) 1997 - Francisco Cordova and Ricardo Rincon of the Pittsburgh Pirates no hit the Houston Astros 3-0 in 10 innings. 2) 1965 - Jim Maloney of the Cincinnati Reds no hit the Chicago Cubs 1-0 in 10 innings. 3) 1917 - Fred Toney of the Cincinnati Reds no hit the Chicago Cubs 1-0 in 10 innings. 4) 1908 - Hooks Wiltse of the New York Giants no hit the Philadelphia Phillies 1-0 in 10 innings. Thirteen other pitchers have pitched games where they have given up no hits through nine innings only to allow a hit in extra innings. These are not considered no hitters because they did not keep the other team hitless through the entire game.

How many outs will a pitcher record when he pitches a perfect game?

For a nine inning perfect game the pitcher would record 27 outs (3 outs in each of the 9 innings).

Who pitched the longest perfect game in MLB history?

All perfect games in MLB history have been 9 innings in length. The pitcher that had the most perfect innings in one game was Harvey Haddix of the 1959 Pittsburgh Pirates against the Milwaukee Braves at County Stadium in Milwaukee. He threw 12 consecutive perfect innings but the Pirates did not score as Braves pitcher Lew Burdette 'scattered' 12 hits over a complete game of 13 innings. In the bottom of the 13th, the first Braves batter, Felix Mantilla, reached base on an error by Pirates third baseman Don Hoak ending the perfect game. After a sacrifice and an intentional walk, Joe Adcock doubled to breakup the no hitter and win the game for the Braves. Braves' pitcher Burdette called Haddix's performance "the greatest game that's ever been pitched in the history of baseball".

Has anyone had perfect game through nine innings and lost?

Yes, two that I can think of. Pedro Martinez lost one in the 10th, and Harvey Haddix lost one in the 13th (he was perfect through TWELVE!)

What did Don Larsen do between innings to relax when he pitched the World Series perfect game?


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