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Bruce Froemming (1971-2007) and Bill Klem (1905-1941) each served 37 seasons as an MLB umpire although Klem only worked 11 games as a substitute in his final season whereas Froemming worked the entire schedule.

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Q: Who served the most seasons as a Major League Baseball umpire?
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Can you play little league baseball without an umpire?

Yes and No

Can a president of a minor league baseball team umpire the games?

it depends if they have children who play in the league

Who is the highest paid umpire for Major League Baseball?

Rick James

How do you become a Major League Baseball referee?

There isn't such thing as a baseball referee! Its a umpire! Go try to find it if you want to be an umpire soooooooooooooooo bad! Look on the internet!

How old do you have to be to umpire little league baseball in Michigan?

12 unless your local league has their own age

What is the difference between American league and national league baseball umpires?

None. They umpire in both leagues.

How Do you become a Major League Baseball umpire?

I dont know ask the person by you

Can only one umpire be used in a baseball game?

No, not in a High School, College, or a MLB game. In little league 1 umpire is often used.

What baseball bat size is allowed in middle school baseball?

This can vary greatly from league to league and town to town. It is best to consult the game umpire for this information

What actors and actresses appeared in Major League Baseball 2K7 - 2007?

The cast of Major League Baseball 2K7 - 2007 includes: Bruce Silverman as Umpire

What is the strike zone in Major League Baseball?

the strike zone is wherever the umpire says

What is a napbl umpire?

NAPBL = North American Professional Baseball League

How many umpires handle a regular-season major league baseball game?

1 umpire

Out of the blue my lonely voice called you out who am i?

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What pitcher lost a perfect game by a miscall of the umpire in major league baseball in 2010?

Armando Galarraga.

Are American league and the national league umpires allowed to umpire in both leagues?

The NL and the AL used to maintain separate groups of umpires, but Major League Baseball combined them some years ago, and now, all umpire crews work both NL and AL games.

What actors and actresses appeared in Major League Baseball 2005 - 2004?

The cast of Major League Baseball 2005 - 2004 includes: Marc Biagi as Crowd Dave Rivas as Crowd Chris Wilcox as Umpire

What does a Major League Baseball umpire make a year?

Rookie umps start at $120,000 with veterans making as much as $350,000.

Does Jim Joyce still work with the Major League Baseball?

Yes, Jim Joyce still works for the MLB as an umpire.

Who is head umpire in baseball game?

the home plate umpire is the umpire in chief

How old do you have to be to umpire a little league game?

you have to be 13 and go to an umpire camp.

Who is in charge of judging a game such as baseball?

The judge of a baseball game is called an umpire.

Who is an Umpire?

An umpire is someone who is like a referee but and ump is in baseball

Who is the highest paid umpire in Major League Baseball?

$350,000 plus benefits, and their pension after 10 years. The starting salary in MLB is $90,000.

How many official major league baseball personnel on the field when the umpire says play ball?

Answer - 10. 9 defenders and the offensive batter.