Who played in 1992 afl grandfinal?

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West Coast 16.17.113 defeated Geelong 12.13.85

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2011-02-23 12:50:58
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Q: Who played in 1992 afl grandfinal?
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When is the AFL grandfinal?

On the last day of September each year

What time does the AFL grandfinal start?

2:30 Melbourne time.

Who won the 1998 AFL grandfinal?

Adelaide Crows defeated North Melbourne.

Who won the 1970-1979 AFL grandfinal?

1970 and 1979 were both won by Carlton.

Who won the 1958 afl grandfinal?

Collingwood defeated Melbourne by 18 points in the 1958 VFL Grand Final

What date is grand final played this year?

The AFL grandfinal used to always played on the last Saturday in September. This has now been changed effective for the 2011 premiership season. It will now be played on the first Saturday of October. This is due to the inclusion of the Gold Coast Suns.

When was the photo taken for the nrl grandfinal trophy?

The photo to be featured on the NRL grandfinal trophy was taken in between 1946 and 1947

What movie and television projects has Jason Blake been in?

Jason Blake has: Played Heavy in "Neighbours" in 1985. Played Toby the Toolman in "Phoenix" in 1992. Played Punk in "Killer Image" in 1992. Played Prison Officer in "Janus" in 1994. Played Twin 2 in "The Genie from Down Under" in 1996. Played Steve in "Raw FM" in 1997. Played himself in "2010 AFL Grand Final Draw" in 2010. Played himself in "2010 AFL Grand Final Replay" in 2010.

When is the AFL gf?

the afl grand final is played on the last Saturday of September. If there is a draw it is played the week after. If that is a draw there is overtime.

When did Adelaide Crows join the afl?

The Adelaide Crows first played in the AFL in 1991.

In which year was the first AFL grand final played?

Well AFL or VFL before AFL there was VFL, it has been around for years in Australia.

Which AFL team has played in the most premierships?

Collingwood has played in 43 grand finals (including 2 draws). This is the VFL/AFL record.

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