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The photo to be featured on the NRL grandfinal trophy was taken in between 1946 and 1947

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Q: When was the photo taken for the nrl grandfinal trophy?
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Who is featured on the NRL trophy?

The NRL Trophy features a depiction of a famous photo of Norm Provan and Arthur Summons after the 1963 NSWRL Grand Final.

What the 2010 nrl grandfinal?

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Is storm going to win the nrl grandfinal?

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What is the official name of the NRL trophy?

National Rugby League(NRL) primership trophy

Who is on the nrl trophy?

Norm Provan and Arthur Summons

Who is the current holder of the Michael Moore trophy?

The Melbourne Storm are current holders of the Michael Moore Trophy. The retained it after defeating the New Zealand Warriors in Round 7 of the 2013 NRL Season. The final score was 28-18. The Warriors have not held the trophy since the 2011 season.

Will the Dragons win the NRL grandfinal?

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Is there such thing as the NRL?

yes there is such thing as the NRL

When was NRL Dream created?

NRL Dream was created in 2010.

What does NRL stand for?

NRL stands for the National Rugby League

Who owns the nrl website?

Bigpond owns the official NRL website.

What is the duration of NRL on FOX?

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