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In the absence of a referee or score keepers on the side, typically the person serving the ball would call out the score before they serve.

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Q: Who must say the score in volleyball?
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How do you score in vollyball?

To score in volleyball the ball must hit the ground on the opponent's side.

How do you say the score in volleyball?

you say it after you serve but you say yor scor first

What score do you go up to in volleyball?

25... but there are some exceptions that you must look up on google. just type are there any exceptions in volleyball regarding score

How many points must your team score in volleyball to win a game?


How many points must a team win by in volleyball?

In a normal volleyball game you have to score to 25 and be winning be at least 2 points.

Does the serving team in volleyball say their score first or other team?

The serving team announces their score first.

How do you say the scores in volleyball?

you say it before you serve. If you serve it without saying the score its a fault. You always say your team score first even if the other team is winning.

Why does the score in volleyball start at 4?

I have been playing volleyball for 6 years and the score has never started at 4

What are do scorekeepers do in volleyball?

the scorekeepers keep the score and also do the book for volleyball

What is the highest volleyball score?


How do you score a volleyball game?

i think

What is it called when you score in volleyball?


What is the winning score in volleyball?


When is the team in offense in volleyball?

when they score

What is the meaning of score sheet in volleyball?

Its the official way to keep score

What is the highest score in volley ball?

Indoor volleyball is 25. Beach volleyball is __

Approxamitly how many points can you score with spiking in volleyball?

about 2 points I think you can score more though . :D i heart volleyball

What is the highest volleyball score ever?


What is the winning score of a volleyball game?


What is the winning score in playing volleyball?


How many points do you get when you score in volleyball?


Can you score on the other teams serve?

No, you can only score on your serve. If you are referring to volleyball.

How do you say volleyball in German?

der Volleyball= volleyball Volleyball spielen= to play volleyball

What is the winng score in volleyball?

St. Luke's Wildcats

When does a team of a volleyball score?

When the ball touches the ground.