Best Answer and both offer well-respected Basketball training videos.

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Q: Who makes the best training videos for young basketball players?
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What company makes the best Police Training Videos?

The NY Police Department makes well regarded police training videos. These are used in their department training. There are several companies specializing in police training videos. One of these companies is In the Line of Duty.

Do left handed basketball players have an advantage over left handed ones?

That makes no scense but left handed basketball players have an advantage overright handed players

Why does march make college basketball players make incredible basketball plays?

theres nothing different exept the adrenalin of the players which makes them alot more conscious of whats going on and makes them faster

Can shoes effect jumping height?

yes it can, why do you think basketball players where basketball shoes it makes them jump higher

Who makes more money professional basketball players or professional wrestlers?

That depends

Who jump higher basketplayers or football players?

It is a common misconcpetion that basketball players are the highest jumpers in sport. However, the vertical jumps of basketball players are lower than many other sports like football, discuss and shotput, olympic lifters etc... Basketball players are tall, and have long arms which makes dunking failry easy for them. If you look at the combine results you can see that football players are outjumping basketball players. Keep in mind that basketball requires more endurance than football so the training must be geared slightly more towards endurance then pure explosive movements. See the related link for the combine results and more info on this subject:

How many players are normally on the court in a basketball game?

There are 5 a side (makes 10)

Does your height afeect how well you can shoot a basketball?

being taller makes it easier to shoot over players

Who makes more money a basketball player or a football player?


Who makes more in endorsements deals basketball or football players?

For the most part, basketball players make more because they are more recognizable. They play without a helmet so everyone sees their face. Lebron James has a $100 million Nike deal.

How do you improve gaming skills?

practice makes perfect. Also, If the game you want to be better in has MLG players then watch their videos and learn their strategies.

What makes basket player practice hard?

Basketball practice might be hard for players because of the massive amount of physical activity that must take place. Basketball players are expected to be fast, agile and smart, and it can take years for an average player to become a great one.