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Basketball practice might be hard for players because of the massive amount of physical activity that must take place. Basketball players are expected to be fast, agile and smart, and it can take years for an average player to become a great one.

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Q: What makes basket player practice hard?
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Practice makes perfect. Stay determined. Work hard. The more you play, the better you will get at it.

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when you first start yes, but practice makes perfect

What you do to be a soccer player?

You have to practice a lot, work hard and just practice having a soccer ball at your feet.

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you need to practice and work really hard

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ANS- The meaning is clear from the words- When one wants to achieve something and be perfect at it he/she needs to practice hard to get it.

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Well you have to practice very very hard to be a pro soccer player.

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If your Shaq it's impossible.

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practice practice practice!! train hard and you will be better

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How long is pro soccer practice?

Soccer is usually played around 3-4 hours because they have to practice hard for their games. I know a pro soccer player and that's how long they practice.

What do you have to do to be the world best pro soccer player?

You have to practice long and hard. with lots of dedication, you can reach those heights.

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