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yes it can, why do you think Basketball players where basketball shoes it makes them jump higher

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Q: Can shoes effect jumping height
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Does the height of a person effect their jumping distance?

Your height does not effect your jumping distance at a standing position but your skill of jumping and using your arms and legs will increase the distance of the jump.

Can Adidas effect an athlete's jumping height?

It needs the right leverage.

What is the effect of gender on height?

Manipulated: gender; responding: height; Controlled: no shoes

On sonic unleashed were do you get the wall jumping shoes?

You cant get the wall jumping shoes until you get the stomping shoes in Holaska then you find the jumping shoes in Spagonia.

Where can I find more information on jumping running shoes ?

You may find more information on jumping running shoes online at which provides advice about the best shoes to wear for different jumping activities. You may also find more infmation at

Why you bend your knees while jumping from a height?

to get a shock absorbing effect . bent knee acts like a spring

What is the average jumping height of a high school basketball player?

The average jumping height is 10 feet.(In America)

Where can you buy jumping shoes online?

Many sites carry jump shoes. For example, Kangoo Jumps can be bought from their site kangoojumps com., but you can also find jumping shoes at onlineshoes com.

What is the jumping running shoes at the store section?

I have never heard of jumping running shoes but have found this site which will answer questions regarding running shoes in

Who can tell me online store that sells jumping running shoes?

Not sure if there is such a thing called jumping running shoes, but maybe you meant running shoes. If that's the case, you can purchase running shoes from a number of stores online such as

Should you get jumping stilts or free running shoes?

free running shoes

Does height increase by jumping?

not permanently

Who was the inventor of jump shoes?

Jump shoes, as their name implies, are supposedly an aid for jumping and training. A popular application is in basketball. The inventor of jump shoes is accredited to Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, a prolific inventor who created such things as the "PyonPyon" which are jumping shoes with springs inside the soles.

Would jumping increase your height?

No, it will not increase the physical height of your body. Jumping may actually cause you to become shorter. Many gymnasts stunt their growth from jumping and pounding their ankles and joints on the ground.

What are the best shoes to wear when jumping?

i think Nikes

Does jumping rope help increase height and how?

no jumping rope does not help increase health. jumping rope is a cardiovascular activity nothing more.

Which insect can jump 200 times its own height?

Jumping fleas are capable of jumping 200 times its own height. This is an important adaptation to living on the skin of animals.

Are Asics gel cumulus 12 good fitness shoes?

By experience running in these shoes I wouldn't recommend jumping in these, you can feel your feet while you jump. The cushioning is great for running, but not as much as jumping.

What height are the fences in a horse jumping competition?

Horse jumping competition or also known as "show jumping", "stadium or open jumping" ,or "jumpers" in short, is a level up game and each level has an obstacle or fence with specific measurement of heights. For example, level 1,fences 3'0" in height while level 2, fences are 3'33" in height, so on and so forth.

What is the average height of a jump in show jumping?

The height of jumps can vary form 2 ft. in a beginners division to about 6.6ft. in Grand Prix show-jumping. The average height of a jump in a local show is about 3-4 ft.

If someone is 173.5cm with their shoes off and 174.5cm with their shoes on, what is their Offical Accurate Height What is their true height in Feet and Inches?

173.5 is the true height which is 5 feet 8.307 inches

How do you measure jumping height?

jump with a marker in your hand

What is the average jumping height of a cat?

5 FT

Why does playing basketball increase your height?

Because basketball requires a lot of jumping, and jumping helps stimulate growth.

How do you count the height of jumps riding?

bankbet99: Touch height when taking off in situ]-[Touch height when not jumping on the spot] = [Vertical take-off height] Definition Vertical bounce: generally refers to the jumping method of human beings on the spot without running. Vertical bounce height: Generally refers to the bounce height of human beings in place and without running.