Can shoes effect jumping height

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yes it can, why do you think Basketball players where basketball shoes it makes them jump higher

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2012-06-29 00:38:38
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Q: Can shoes effect jumping height
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Does the height of a person effect their jumping distance?

Your height does not effect your jumping distance at a standing position but your skill of jumping and using your arms and legs will increase the distance of the jump.

Can Adidas effect an athlete's jumping height?

It needs the right leverage.

What is the effect of gender on height?

Manipulated: gender; responding: height; Controlled: no shoes

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Why you bend your knees while jumping from a height?

to get a shock absorbing effect . bent knee acts like a spring

What is the average jumping height of a high school basketball player?

The average jumping height is 10 feet.(In America)

Should you get jumping stilts or free running shoes?

free running shoes

Does height increase by jumping?

not permanently

Where can you buy jumping shoes online?

Many sites carry jump shoes. For example, Kangoo Jumps can be bought from their site kangoojumps com., but you can also find jumping shoes at onlineshoes com.

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