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Adidas has been making the soccer balls for the FIFA World Cup games since 1970. There have been various designs, styles and names for each of the balls released.

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Q: Who makes the balls for the World Cup games?
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How many balls are made for a World Cup game?

About 20 balls or more are made for a World Cup game.

From when world cup cricket started to use white balls?

In 1992 Cricket World Cup first time white balls were used.

Who makes the official rugby world cup ball?

Gilbert have won the contract to make all training and match balls for the event

Why the different soccer balls in the euro cup and world cup?

different sponsors

How many balls are used at the world cup?


Have Australia won any games in the world cup?

They won games in the 2006 world cup.

Is there helium in the 2010 world cup balls?

Not that im awair of, there is only pressurized air in the balls.

Who makes the World Cup footballs?

F.F.A organize the world cup.

Who won the third World Cup?

me i am dan glee balls and i won the 3rd world cup against Ivory coast

How many games are in the World Cup finals?

There are 64 total games played in the FIFA World Cup.

How many games were played at the world cup 2006?

64 games were played in the 2006 World Cup.

How many games are in the 2010 fifa world cup?

64 games will take place at the world cup

How many fifa world cup 2010 games were played?

There were a total of 64 games in the world cup.

How many games were played in the world cup 2010?

There were a total of 64 games in the 2010 world cup.

Which Company make the world cup match balls?


After a soccer game do they switch the balls?

In high level professional games like the Premier League and World Cup etc, there would be 8 or 9 brand news balls for the start of each game.

In 1930 in the world cup what were the soccer balls made of?

If I am not at all mistaken they used the skull of monkeys as the bladder in the balls.

What country makes the FIFA World Cup?

The f.i.F.A world cup is made in India.

Which Indian city manufactured balls for the World Cup Football?


Which Indian city manufacture balls for world cup football?


Which indian city manufactured balls for world cup football?


Which Indian city manufractured balls for world cup football?


Why balls are made in jalandhar for FIFA World Cup?

It was made there the bladders.

How many world cup games have gone to penalty kicks?

There are about 26 world cup games that have gone to the penalty kicks. This is going by the recent world cup edition that was held in Brazil.Ê

Why was the 1966 World Cup ball orange?

Adidas, being the supplier of world cup balls, thought that using the orange ball was a significant step in the evolution of football. they had also used white and yellow balls in the 1966 world cup, but the orange was used in the finals to signify the importance of the ocassion. SAYS SOME OTHER QUESTIONS ON THIS PAGE! The supplier of match balls for the finals of the football World Cup in 1966 were Slazenger, I know this as a neighbour worked for them and it was his responsibility for taking them to Wembley on that glorious day. Adidas did not supply balls for the World Cup finals until Mexico 1970.