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different sponsors

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Q: Why the different soccer balls in the euro cup and world cup?
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What are the most popular soccer tournaments in the world?

euro and fifa

When was Euro Beach Soccer Cup created?

Euro Beach Soccer Cup was created in 1998.

When was Euro Beach Soccer League created?

Euro Beach Soccer League was created in 1998.

What is the french connection with soccer?

France won the world cup in 1998 and the EUro cup in 2000.

What is the biggest soccer event in the world?

The biggest event in soccer is actually the Fifa World Cup. That is what brings the WHOLE world together. Also, you could count the Euro Cup. Thought hat is not as big as the World Cup.

Has Denmark ever won the world cup for soccer and which years?

Denmark has not won the world cup. but they have won the Euro 1992.

Who is the most paid soccer player in the world?

the most paid soccer player is LIONEL MESSI 33 MILLION EURO A YEAR

What did Octopus Paul predicted for you?

International soccer match results at Euro 2008 and the World Cup in 2010.

Which country is better at soccer Spain or France?

Spain, They defeated France in Euro 2012 and are the reigning world champions

Does andorra have a soccer team?

Yes Andora has a football team. but they are a week team and do not qualify for the Euro or the world cup.

Which country was the euro soccer champion 2008?

Spain won Euro 2008

What channel does the euro 2012 come on?

EURO 2012 will be on ESPN and FSC (fox soccer channel).

What is euro short for?

The Euro is the fullname of a currency, and so it is not short for anything. In other contexts Euro can be short for Europe, as in Euro 2012, a name for the European Soccer Championships in 2012.

What type of sport is involved with UEFA Euro 2008?

The sport involved with the UEFA Euro 2008 is football. Alternatively in America it is known as soccer as American football uses an egg shaped ball instead of a sphere and the rules are quite different.

Who won the euro-cup soccer 2008?

spain won the euro cup with 1-0 over germany

What is Spain biggest win in soccer?

Spains biggest win in soccer has been the 2008 Euro cup.

What does keur stand for?

All pronounceable abbreviations and short words usually carry several different meanings, in different circumstances. In my "world", it would be short for Kilo Euro. Kilo meaning thousands, and Euro for the currency. 10 KEUR = ten thousands Euro.

Is Liam hemswoth in shakiras filmclip for waka waka?

No, its all people from the world cup/euro, I don t think he plays soccer ^^

What ranking are andorra soccer team?

Andorra have a very por and weak team, so it stands in 150 or so. They have not qualified for a world or euro cup even.

What is the price of a soccer field?

I am a civil engineer from Greece. The answer is about 400000 euro for a soccer field 11x11, but it depends of many things

What is the value of a 1966 World Cup signed soccer ball?

If this is an original Slazenger ball as used in the World Cup in 1966 and still in good condition it worth several thousand Euro or even more

Who is the most glorious soccer player in euro tournament?

Cristiano Ronaldo

What are the international activities of Germany?

The International Activites Germany has is , Euro Soccer and the Olympic Games

Who won the soccer Euro 2012?

Defending champions Spain won the Euro 2012 by beating Italy 4-0 in a comprehensive victory.

What is Spain favourite sport?

From looking at Wikipedia I can see that the most favourite sport in Spain is soccer. Not surprising after the Euro 2008 Cup win and the World Cup win 2010.