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Q: Which Company make the world cup match balls?
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Who makes the official rugby world cup ball?

Gilbert have won the contract to make all training and match balls for the event

Where can you find a company who manufactures machines that can make food into balls such as peanut butter balls?

There isn't a machine. You just have to roll them by hand.

Which company make the word cup match ball?

The ball is made by Addidas.

Who was the wicketkeeper of India in world cup 2003 final match?

First of all, India did not make to the final match in 2003 world cup.

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How many substitutions may be made in a World Cup match?

A team may make 3 substitutions per match.

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It depends on the company manufacturing the ball, and also what style they're designing it in.

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The CIC Ball Company, California Fun Toys, and Complex Plastics make the balls you are looking for. The can be found by using the search engines.

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